Friday, December 14, 2012

I blame Martha

When did the holidays get so far out of control? The hustle and bustle, the pressure to buy, buy, buy and the pressure to have everything just perfect? I'll tell you what I think.......I blame MARTHA
You know it's bad when women are rolling in the aisles, fighting over the last packet of glitter or gold leaf paint!
I'm not going to feel shame because my Christmas table won't look like this

And my gifts will NOT look like this

I watched Ms Perfect on a talk show earlier this week. She "supposedly" had created a beautiful winter table setting - all from downed trees that fell on her property during hurricane Sandy. Yeah, when a 100 trees blow down on my property, my first thought is "Grab the saw, glue gun, and glitter and let's make wooden placemats and polar bear center pieces with glitter". Pfft! Whatever. I have a suggestion where she can stick that glue gun!!
So ladies, lets stop letting the Ms Perfect's of the world make us feel inferior and lazy for not going completely friggin overboard and ending up like this

It's OK if your tree looks like this

Martha......stuff it! It's family that matters.

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  1. Hey, Kim ~
    We could live and entertain like Martha if we had dozens of people helping us!
    Hugs :)

    1. Yeah, she acts like every idea is hers. I swear she has hundreds of craft people who she pays hush money to steal their ideas! Lol

  2. LOL! Oh my gosh I wanna hug you right now. You just voiced all my frustration. Half the ornaments have disappeared off the tree, one of my ceramic houses broke this afternoon (who knew that they could break by "just looking at it" *suspicious*), and my kitchen floor is a disgusting mess. I do have all of Ben's the kid's presents wrapped, but I wrote their names on them in sharpie.

    Martha Stewart obviously never had people to care for during the holidays.

  3. Ha! I'm sure that's what ALL of the hurricane victims were thinking!

  4. I saw that show too. The table was stunning, but really, who would actually do that with their downed trees. Ordinary women with real lives can not compete with Martha.

  5. One strike against Martha and one point for you Kim, Why should we let an ex convict rule how we should wrap our presents and decorate our table for Christmas.

    I did something even better with my down trees, I chopped them for fire wood to warm my butts this winter. Although I must say that I save a few spruce tips to decorate my gazebo when I clipped my hedge, but I did it my way.

    Prayers for families of the elementary school massacre in Newtown Connecticut and for the victims and community.

  6. Haha another great post. Well, I go back further than Martha I blame Norman Rockwell. I spent years trying to get my home to look like those covers of Saturday Evening Post. I don't do bows on my Christmas presents, and I don't hand make the wrapping paper. I admit to trying that one year. It was a joke. My table won't ever be pretty because like tonight it gets turned into a game table.
    Martha may have wonderful ideas and a Chicken house to die for but I bet she still gets up to a messy house sometimes. Great post as always.

  7. You hit the nail right on the head girl! I have watched way too much Martha in the past and I go way overboard with my decorating and all. I do have fun doing it though but it takes more time to do than it would her because I don't have people who work for me to do it for me. I have to do it myself. Well, I do have an elf, aka husband, that brings it down from the attic but still...

  8. Have I told you today that I think you are marvelous! Thanks! It is so true, isn't it? LOL If I had an army and a bottomless pocketbook... well... I don't and don't really know if I want the challenges!

    The Mister took me for a ride to look at lights (a real challenge when living in a county of less than 9000 people and there are no housing developments). We ate pizza as we rode around and washed it down with a Nehi orange soda. Good times!

    Oh. And I wore my jammies. Still.

    Thanks for the giggle today!

  9. Thanks for the laugh....I needed that today!!

    You are right, and sorry to say that for a LONG time, Martha was my idol. Watching the tragedy in Connecticut today makes so much in perspective... just a Christmas hug from loved ones will do.

  10. Oh, Kim! What tree??? Wrapped presents???
    Ha! Christmas will come and go and there will be no Marthaisms at our house. So if you did ANYTHING to decorate for the season you are much more perfect than I am.
    Enjoy your holiday and don't even give the Blond Creative Wonder a passing thought!

  11. OMG! This post is hysterical! I had a tree fall in my yard during the storm... first thing that went through my mind requires sensorship! lol!

    Seriously though... all this "pressure to be perfect" just draws the energy right out of me... just thinking about it. So, I have some greens and some Christmas/Winter stitcheries around my house and that's it. It's simple... it's cozy. :-)

  12. Hi again Kim, I love all the comments here on your post. Like Farm Girl, there are no bows on my gifts either. lol


  13. My sistah is Martha's twin. I knew it the year she used candy molds for making leaf motif butter pats. Sick I know.

  14. omg Kim....I just love your humor. You always seem to give me a good chuckle.

  15. You are "perfect" just the way you are! :)