Thursday, December 20, 2012

Checking it twice

The countdown is dwindling. I have made my list and I'm checking it twice. I've yet to formally hit panic mode but I have been scurrying about town the last few hours. Yesterday as I was lounging around watching the snow, baking a few gingerbread cookies, sipping a special coffee, and laying in a relaxing late afternoon bath at 4:20pm......I suddenly remembered I had a hair appointment at 5pm - A long appointment (you ladies know what that means)

So at 7pm I jumped out of the salon chair, all freshly colored and dashed to the movie theatre to meet friends. We saw Playing for Keeps with Gerard Butler. Typical Chick Flick, but it was a night with good friends, popcorn buckets drenched in buttery topping, and shared kit kat pieces and licorice. Not bad for supper, eh!

Today after dropping Mom at Alzheimer's Day Care I continued to scurry. First the bank, pharmacy, quick visit to Flow Boutique, then coffee with Deanne. Delicious French press coffee and I managed to get the last piece of Harry the Printer's famous ginger pumpkin cheesecake. Deanne blogged about it here:
And yes, it was very tasty. The chunks of candied ginger on top....perfect!

Another couple of stops for odds and ends and dare I say it......I think all that is left to do is wrap and deliver. (The grocery store doesn't count. I'm sure I will be there at least 5 more times before the big day)

I borrowed this list from Facebook. It made me giggle.

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  1. It sounds like you are ready for Christmas to Commence!

  2. I think you are ready! Time to start the festivities.

  3. It sounds like you have got a ton accomplished and enjoyed yourself in the process. I am glad.
    I like that you have your special coffee. :) Have a fun day the rest of the evening.

  4. Boy do I need one of those long hair appointments. Sounds like you have everything Christmas related under control. good for you. Merry Christmas from Maine, Julie.

  5. It sounds like just a wonderful day!!!I want one of those.

  6. It looks like you work well under pressure. Congratulations on being ready for Christmas.

    You got all your t(s) crossed and i(s) dotted and ready for Santa but you're buying your own presents because... that's cute. I like that you still take the time to enjoy yourself.

    I can't remember when I had my last hair appointment. I remember the appointment but not the date, suffice to say it was years ago... My regular hairdresser had moved away and the new one didn't pay attention to how I wanted my hair cut. I left the salon looking like a boy and I've been cutting my own hair since.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Greetings Kim, busy gal but make time with friends,YEY!!!!mmmm, special coffee sounds great.... love that list, made me chuckle to, Have a great evening, Hugs Francine.

  8. Kim ~
    Sounds like you've accomplished miracles. Congrats to you and I am a wee bit jealous.
    Hugs :)

  9. Hi Kim, You are so funny! It sounds like your way ahead of everything.I still have to do my Christmas shopping.I am getting every thing done this weekend.Have a Merry Christmas.Hugs Cheri

  10. Hey, you're ahead of the game!
    The evening out sounds like fun. Great to relax and laugh and EAT with girlfriends.
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Loving life, you are!' Coffee with Deanne ~ how many of us can say that? Glad y are having some fun!!

  12. And so it all comes together. Merry Christmas.

  13. There is something about this time of year where all we get done is running here and there. I haven't had time to bake nothing! lol Maybe tomorrow. I've had to keep a list and a calendar this month to make sure I didn't miss any appointments, school parties, church events, etc... Hopefully next month I can relax and stay home! The stores are all bare. I had my husband stop off for a few things for Christmas dinner. I wanted some sherbert for punch and he said they didn't have any! He's not the type to lie so I believe him. He did buy ice cream. Our boy needs ice cream and good things like that for a few days while he heals you know! lol

    Merry Christmas!

  14. You have all the important items covered..(like the hair!)I think you did great...and last night hubby and I dashed through the snow and wind and finished up our shopping. Now, it's the baking, cleaning and wrapping left..and napping..did I mention I need a nap? Have a Merry Christmas!