Monday, December 10, 2012

It's here

So, no more fantasy world for me about having a snow free winter. We received our first blanket of snow today. (Bah humbug)

And I also lost my Girl Scout badge of honor for being prepared. I'm always prepared. Even over prepared. If they are forecasting a storm, I've got it all covered. Food, water, candles etc.

Until today! Instead I chose to bury my head in a deep bucket of winter denial.
I left for work and all was normal (nice and bare). Then, before I finished my first coffee I looked out the window and that white crap was falling!!

Did I have my snow brush out? No
Was I wearing gloves to brush off the windows by hand? No
Did I have a full tank of gas (for weight)? Nope, in fact the low fuel light was on.
Was my footwear appropriate for walking through a snowy parking lot? Noooo

First came the snow, then ice pellets, then rain. Big friggin mess. Not a big winter fan! Can ya tell? Lol

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  1. We just got some arctic air. No snow but we are quite a bit south of you.

  2. We got the same friggin mess. but all is clear now and it is just rain.

  3. Really? White Crap??? If you don't like snow why do you live where it snows until June? I never knew you didn't like snow.
    Well, I am enjoying you not liking snow, in fact you make me laugh my head off. Here I am pining away for any kind of snow and then your town looks so pretty and clean. I just look at brown, brown, and more brown. It looks like Christmas, Just like Bedford Falls, George. :)

  4. The air felt like it should have snowed...the sky was covered in tons of gray snow either. I think I'm OK with that! Your view looks just like Norman Rockwell painted it.

  5. Hi, Kim,
    I look at the snowy scene and am so jealous! I am all ready...but no snow, not even any cold weather. I wondered where you lived, then read your profile and see you are in Nova Scotia. I bet you gets lots of snow and always have a white Christmas!

  6. It all looks so pretty to this Southern California girl. But yeah - I get that brushing off snow with your bare hands would get old really fast. People here drive like idiots when it just sprinkles a little rain. I'd hate to see what they'd do in real weather.

  7. My goodness, Kim, you are too funny. Where is your survival instinct? My little snowmen are all laughing their little carrots off, lol... Did your beautiful little town had their plows ready to go play in the snow? I'm on a roll. I don't know what George put in my coffee this morning.

    OK, if it makes you feel better, I'm sorry.......
    that you got caught with your pants down, Bahahaha

    Hope that today goes better for you.

  8. Still waiting for my snow here. Obviously you stole it!

  9. Hi Kim,Oh How pretty! If we get a rainy day on Christmas Wow we think it's winter.It's suppose to rain Thursday.I can hardly wait! Hugs Cheri

  10. I am always hoping for a snow day so that school will be cancelled and I can stay home. It looks beautiful though.