Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's gone

Here today, gone tomorrow.  The snow that is.  Well, also my good mood and my cheery disposition.  (haha) 
To put it bluntly - Today sucked!  From every angle.  So, I am restraining myself from a crappy post about any of that.  Just popped in to say I am still alive.  It is just before 8pm and I am in the office.  My Christmas tree is still naked in the corner.  Shopping is still not done.  Nothing (and I mean nothing) is wrapped.  The box of Christmas cards is still unopened and mocking me each time I pass it.

So, a great big BAH HUMBUG and to all a good night :)


  1. We still have our snow covered ground with a crust of ice on top. It's here to stay I think. I'm OK with it as long as I can stand on my two feet without tripping and breaking my neck.

    Time to call a close friend over for a tree decorating party of two and a bottle of wine and it will be done in no time.

    This year I'm stressing less and I'm spending less. I'll wait till the last minute and then it's spend, spend, spend... lol I do this every years.

    Good night sweet friend.

  2. May tomorrow be better :)

  3. FA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!! It will be o.k. Kim, maybe your like me and work better under presure knowing it has to get done......I still have not wrapped a presant, baked, so I hear ya.......Blessings Francine.

  4. I hope tomorrow is a bright sunshiny day for you and you feel lots better.

  5. I just put a quote on my friends blog from the Grinch:"Maybe Christmas doesn't come from the store..Maybe Christmas means a bit more"...Hang in rush...just breath. Today in celebration of my lousy day I had both my knees injected...ouch! But I'm better now!

  6. I finally did a few present buying online, no tree, and a few cards were started, you hang in there tomorrow is a new day and I am wishing for you to be A...OKay!!! Janice

  7. Hope it helps if you know I am in the same boat except I have mailed a few cards. Lol

  8. I have nothing wrapped and no cards done but soon I hope
    ah who am I kidding
    they are calling for snow on Sunday and most of the week.
    who knows.
    go sign up for my give away they ship every where