Saturday, December 1, 2012

A small town Saturday

Today was just one of those simple, small town kind of days. Looking at the calendar, I should be caught up in a flurry of a thousand to-do's. But for whatever reason, I'm not. Instead I'm just trying to keep it simple.

This morning I fueled up at a Church breakfast. The Immanuel Church isn't my church but it is in my neighborhood. It's one of those great little old neighborhood churches of days gone by. Although their congregation is small, they are a mighty group of workers. They've been holding lots of events lately as they need a new furnace. And they cook a mean breakfast.....Mmmmm

Then I browsed a bit downtown. Truthfully I seemed to socialize more than shop. Which is a good thing because it means that more and more people are shopping downtown instead of out of town at the big malls.

Although we have yet to have any snow, we have had 2 days of double-digit minus temperatures. Brrrr! I've developed a "special relationship" with my heated car seats ;). (Really)

Tonight I had to run in to the office for a short time. For a few minutes I felt myself grumbling about being there on a Saturday night. Then I heard something. My office building is next door to a large church. My church. The carol bells play at certain times each day. I sat there listening to Hark The Herald Angels Sing play on the bells. I looked outside and saw Christmas in a small town.

I was reminded that I was grateful to have a job and and office to go to when many do not. I am grateful for my little town.

And the cherry on top tonight is I'm watching my all-time favorite movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Who doesn't love George Bailey?

Have a great evening

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  1. Kim
    It's on here too!
    Your little town sounds like a great place to live. Your church sounds like our little country church too. We have many teas and dinners throughout the year to help subsidise it's needs too.
    Oh, I miss hearing church bells!

  2. Kim ~
    I'm glad you appreciate small town life! There's just "something" about it :)
    I definitely can picture you being the social butterfly!
    Hugs :)

  3. I love your heartwarming post tonight. You have a great view down below way up there. That breakfast looks good. I hope that you enjoyed the movie. They never go out of style those old movies.

    I've been feeling a little Christmas spirit too this evening and I started decorating the foyer. I don't have a theme and i'm just using old the junk I have in storage. Mostly thrift buys. Maybe when I retire I'll jazz it up.


  4. Love your small town! I live in one also and tonight was our Christmas parade. The temps were in the 50's so they had a super huge turnout and the floats were really fun. I enjoyed watching it with my Grandkiddos and seeing their excitement. That's what makes this time of year special. We have a church here that plays bells at certain times. I've always enjoyed it when I'm near there to hear it. Have a lovely weekend..what's left of it anyway!

  5. Hi sweet small town the snow yet,Wow!!!!!!!!!.....lots here...........Blessings Francine.

  6. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year! :-) It's always so peaceful. I'm taking the simple road of Christmas this year too. Natural greens and handmades for decorations... home baked goodies and visiting friends and family... the big box marts can move to another planet for all I care... lol!

  7. We watched it too! That breakfast looks scrumptious right now.. :) Love that you got to listen to the bells. We are going to be 70 degrees today. Could the seasons just get their screwed up selves sorted out?

  8. It does sound like a fantastic day. I think you do live in a town like George Baily's I always love reading about how your town comes together when hard things happen. I think of the stacks of water bottle cases when your town caught on fire sitting on the sidewalk for the firemen.
    I hope you have a loved day, I love your background.

  9. I miss the small town I left to move here. Breakfast looks good.

  10. what a wonderful day you had bells and all. It sounds heavenly. I do enjoy being in a small town we went to the parade and came home to watch our favorite movie a wonderful life.
    Our little theater is playing the movie as it was on the big screen for free this coming friday.

  11. Hi Kim, Winslow Homer and I love our heated car seats too!!! I admit this afternoon I had to go to the Maine Mall to pick up the snowsuit I had ordered for Travis. I am not a Mall type of gal, small town and local is for me....It is cold here in Maine and we have had a coating of's beginning to look like Christmas!!! Love George Bailey...greetings, Julie.

  12. It's good to know you are blessed and especially, when you are such a blessing yourself !!

  13. Kim, What a wonderful life you have your smart enough to treasure what you have. I love the movie and I loved the way you told the story. I felt like I was there enjoying your town! Hugs Cheri