Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Three strikes and I'm out

I did bad today.  It was a big faux pas.  I completely forgot it was Valentines Day.

I got up this morning and come downstairs to have my coffee and on the kitchen table was a little present and card from Auntie and a special card that Mom had made a Day Care last week. 

I had nothing - no cards - nothing.  I felt like crap.  Strike one.

Then I arrived at work.  On my desk is a card and a chocolate heart.  Again - I felt like crap.  I ate the chocolate though. Strike two.

Later in the morning a friend arrives with a coffee and a chocolate donut filled with raspberry jelly and sprinkles.   And again - I had nothing.  (Oh yeah, and I ate the donut)  Strike three.

I swear if someone had brought me a flower today I might have jumped off the roof!

I can't believe I didn't even get a funny card for my family.  Who completely forgets?

Please friends - give me a 2 week reminder for Easter.  I'm likely to forget that too. 

It's the thought that counts........I didn't even think.

Three Strikes, I'm Out

Maybe I can redeem myself on St. Patrick's Day?


  1. Haha sorry, but I am glad that you got lots of goodies to eat. Next year I will remind you. You had lots on your mind.
    Have a nice evening anyway,

  2. Oh heck, the best I did today was half-heartedly make cupcakes for after dinner. And that I didn't even remember to do until after lunch. You're forgiven (my vote totally counts, right?).

  3. Kim ~
    Hey, you can't remember everything. Stop beating yourself up!
    Pug hugs :)
    P.S. We still love you!

  4. It's ok to have a day where you get the treats!

  5. You remembered me so I that is what counts. hahaha
    Seriously you give so much love to your Mom and Auntie everyday that there is no way you have struck out.
    I think you are just a very busy lady.
    Happy Valentines dear sweet Kim

  6. I thought you were going to say that if someone had brought you a flower, you would have eaten that too. ;o) JUST KIDDING!! But for the guilt factor when the husband comes home bearing flowers or gifts, I'd probably space it too. I used to make my own cards for all my nieces/nephews and the greats as well, make cupcakes, and get into the whole thing....now I binge on chocolate covered cherries and jellied hearts and call it good. ;o) I still love ya! Smiles & Valentine Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Lucky for you...Valentine's day will be here again next year and you can redeem yourself..frankly I think Hallmark is the real winner on this day!

  8. Oh, don't feel to bad. Everyone forgets occasionally. I'm sure the blog world will give you a heads up for St. Patricks's Day. I love your sense of humor!!!!

  9. Dear Kim, you give of yourself so much to your Auntie and Mom so you ARE the VALENTINE. Who needs a card or chocolate when they have you.

    Don't be so hard on yourself, and oh yeah, welcome to the crowd of forgetters. Well I didn't forget but my husband did. He said Oh, I should have bought you some lobsters for Valentine because my sister's boyfriend bought her some with a nice card.

    Next Valentine will be around before you know it. Hallmark will make sure of it... Hugs JB

    Hugs. JB

  10. You crack me up! I would have done the same thing (eat the goodies) no matter what. Today is another day, right?

  11. Ha ha ha you are so funny I guess you passed by all the blogs with hearts up the wazu!

  12. Sounds like a "senior moment" to me, Happy belated Valentines Day from Maine, Julie.

  13. I tried to remind you on my blog...