Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still looking. . .

I'm in need of a little smack on the head from the Christmas Spirit Fairy. 

A lot of you are decorating and baking etc.  I'm still waiting for the spirit.  Even loading up the ipod with Christmas music hasn't worked yet.

I think I got smacked in the head by the Bah Humbug Fairy this year.  Lol

Clearly it should be obvious to you by now that I am lacking a good post idea tonight.  Instead - you get Random Kim.  (Sorry)

I hooked a little tonight on another little gift mat.  I am down to the end of this piece of plaid wool.  I now consider each strip to be a little piece of gold, since it will be awhile before I order more from Heavens to Betsy. 

I think this is one of those color issues with photos.  It looks better in person.  The colors compliment each other better than it appears.  Trust me.

Is it just me or does it feel more like Thursday than Tuesday?  

Maybe this is the kind of Christmas spirit that will kick start me . . . . .  Just sayin


  1. Kim ~
    I'm having a holiday spirit issue, too, but I'm forcing myself. I feel as if I'm spinning my wheels and going nowhere!
    I love the way that wool is hooking up. I have a terrible time visualizing how wool will hook.
    {{And I wish it were Thursday today ~ not that I'm wishing my life away!}}
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Oooooh! I love that plaid! I just keep decorating hoping that some jolly ness finds me! I even put the Christmas music station on in the car!

  3. Good evening my Random Kim....It's one of your multiples I enjoy the most.... ;o) Ahhh, yeah - I think I'm channeling Ebeneezer Scrooge or the Grinch over here. Not coming together for me this season...Hmmm...maybe a little green food coloring in my Chardonnay and a maraschino cherry??? ;o) Happy Wednesday....almost....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - I love the colors in that newest mat - that was one of the things that drew me to it the first time you posted it....cool, cool, beans!) ;o)

  4. Don't worry, if you decorate it, it will come! The spirit I mean. The plaid wool is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. I always love random posts with Jill, oops, I mean Kim. :) Sorry I couldn't help myself.
    Well I have been in the same slump.
    So tonight I shook myself by the neck and we got some shopping done online.
    Then it dawned on me I have a car tomorrow. Finals are over for the kids and now my car is my car. Yahoo!!! So I thought I am getting up early and going shopping, by myself,
    Now I feel like I can finally do Christmas.
    I did all of the same things too, put Christmas music on my Ipod too.
    I would though like to stop in for some of that Christmas cheer in the picture. :)
    Yes, it seems like Thursday too.
    Bye for now,

  6. I hear ya! I've been having to kick start myself for the last week. I'll get a glimmer of Christmas excitement, and then it's gone. Speaking of random posts - you should read mine.

  7. That little bit of gold is the same color I hook into most of my mats somewhere. I love those colors. It may just be the center of a flower but I usually get it in and I am I believe out.
    I like the christmas spirt in a glass oh os tasty

  8. When I saw the 'Christmas is Cancelled', I said YESSSS!!!
    So the bah-humbug spirit is going around like the flu. Which would I rather have? The flu or Christmas? Decisions, decisions.....
    Have that drink (or two), Kim. And when it wears off, maybe it will be Dec. 26th and everything will be over for another year.

  9. You are not alone. I keep thinking the spirit will show up tomorrow - that was days ago and it still isn't happening. Think I'll try one of those green drinks - won't hurt.

  10. You are definitely not alone! Over here in my neck of the woods I can barely muster the energy to get to work...but I hear that's normal. Anyway, my goal is to get a tree on Saturday. Maybe decorating a bit will cleanse the aura of the house. I'm just glad I've shopped for the boys already, or they'd have nothing!! I think one of those green drinks is in order. Or a little gin martini with a sprig of white pine.

    I'm liking what I can see of your mat...and that wool is really nice!

  11. Love that last picture - Santa has the right idea! sandie

  12. Kim we finally got most of the stuff up for Christmas but with both of us feeling Ick it has been a struggle. I gots the spirit just not the motivation! I am thinkin' that liquid Christmas spirit could do wonders!

  13. Well Kim you once again voice what most of us feel. It is hard to feel that childlike wonder of this time of year of past Christmas's with ones we loved. Times so different and more challenging. But without hope for a Happy Christmas season we become Ebeneezer. So even if you have to get in the car drive around the neighbor hood looking at Christmas lights to jump start your Ho Ho. It's a like a diet once started it gets easier , Blessings and Hugs!

  14. I don't usually start feeling "Christmasy" until the week or two before when I'm going "Oh crap, I still have presents to wrap, and gifts to make, and food to cook, and NOT ENOUGH TIME." ;D

  15. LOL...I'm there with ya!! I can't find my Christmas Spirit either. It's been lost for 6 years ever since I lost my mom and started spending the winter in Phoenix to take care of my dad! No one comes for the Holidays, the house is small so why bother! Bah humbug!!!
    Karen & the Hound

  16. Will a little bit of sunshine help? I just agve you an award!


  17. I hear you Kim, all this early shopping is killing the Christmas spirit. Lost my Mojo too...

    I got my tree up, on Saturday, put the lights on Sunday, put the garland on Monday and brought down the decorations on Tuesday and put the ornaments on Wednesday, today. I feel like it's Thursday too for some unknown reason I thought it was garbage day today and did not put the recycle paper out because it's raining... Then I find out we're Wednesday. There's a conspiracy... Give me a sip of that drink... JB

  18. I'm am not in the mood this year at all. I'm not decorated, gifts are not bought, cookies or any sugar plums are not made...I think I'll go eat worms...

  19. guess what I found in my own stash, that wool you like, just a piece of it, but you can have it I will bring it to the studio tomorrow. Maybe you should go to Duncan's and drink Candy cane martinis and sit on some random santas lap...would that get you in the Christmas spirit

  20. Thanks Deanne. I'll be in. As for your suggestion about Duncan's....it will either put me in the Christmas spirit OR put me in need of penicillin!!!! LOL