Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The aftermath

This picture kind if sums up how I have been the past 2 days. 

Once Christmas Day passed my enthusiasm level took a nose dive.  I have been lazy, lazy, lazy. 

And is doesn't help that all the yummy holiday cooking is still lingering around.  I have been "grazing" for days.  If I'm not careful I will be waddling back to work next week. 

I think every visitor who came here this week brought some baked goods.  It is everywhere and it is so good.  I tried to resist but it is just not humanly possible to know there are peanut butter balls or homemande donuts in the house and not eat them.

I thought we better take a break from turkey leftovers today so I made a clam chowder.  Mmmmm.  Mom even had a big bowl.  That is one of the upsides of this Alzheimers thing -  Mom has forgotten she was a picky eater and now tries most things I make. Tomorrow I'm thinking a turkey rice casserole. 

I'm a little restless tonight so I was browsing pinterest looking for inspiration for a new rug.  I need to have something done for mid February.  But nothing grabbed my attention so I'll hope maybe tomorrow I will have more luck.  I think I'll knit something tonight until I figure out a rug.

I think the title of this post should have been "random thoughts" - Gee I'm all over the place tonight.

Thank you for all your comments on my last post.  I'm glad you all understood how special that little ribbon is to me.


  1. That's how I felt yesterday...I pushed myself to do the smallest tasks! Then today at work I yawned most of the day..very embarrassing! I don't hook or knit, so I'm left trying to figure out what to do next after all the preps for the holiday...oh yeah..how about clean? Nahhhhh.....Have a good week Kim!

  2. Kim, It was nice to hear how much you cherish your mom and that's why the bookmark ribbon is so important to you. This brings a big smile to my face.

    There are ups and down in everybody's life and no one is immune to it. It's normal to decompress after so much hype and a lot has happened to you and those around you just before Christmas.

    Just be lazy and let it all hang out like the hippies used to say. Hugs. JB

  3. Kim
    This is exactly how I felt today, as well! I also enjoyed browsing pininterest. I just needed some inspiration, I guess.
    Now that Christmas is over, I'm ready for a new project. I even think I might read a book. A luxury I haven't allowed myself in a long time!
    I hope you find that pattern soon, so you can get started on your project!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Talk about grazing...I have successfully eaten all the chocolate and the cookies in the house. I'm even tempted to make more cookies tomorrow. Considering I never did any real holiday baking...maybe I can afford it. Who am I kidding? I can never afford to buy a whole set of new pants! LOL

  5. Kim ~
    I'm definitely waddling and all the goodies are not yet eaten (and they are mine, all mine. A downside of living along...lol!).
    I hope you find inspiration for your next rug. Having finished the last hooked Christmas present today, I can now work on something for me!
    Lucky you to have the week off!
    Hugs :)

  6. Clam chowder sounds good. We were pretty successful in avoiding sweets in our house. Just one pie and its gone now.

  7. You had me at donut:) oh how I love donuts and I have not had one for some time. then clam chowder oh yummmm. I too have been eating a lot for months now. When David doesn't eat I eat for him now if I could just find a way to get the rolls of fat to stick to him...
    happy new year

  8. I feel just like that polar bear too. I am at the point I am looking forward to a diet. When you see the pictures I posted tonight you will know why.
    I am glad you have been lazy these last few days. I think I get to be lazy tomorrow.
    I did sleep until 6:00 this morning.
    I drew out patterns today. I have some cute rugs to make.
    I got a rug hooking book for Christmas and they have some cute patterns.
    Now just the wool.
    Have fun on Pinterest.
    Be lazy!!

  9. I'm off this week as well and have been eating home made cookies like crazy. I love Pinterest. There are so many beautiful ideas.

  10. I think we are feeling similarly - I told my doctor today - about all the sweets this month - now she is a size zero - she said - well you don't have to eat any of it.



  11. I took every sweet thing to work.They will eat anything no matter what or how old! I feel like that old polar bear too.

  12. I could have written this post myself! The laziness and the "grazing" (I was already waddling, what'll become of me next?!?) is all I've been doing. I love your polar bear picture, it made both my husband and I laugh so hard. ;)

  13. That is the best picture! Sounds like you have much better leftovers than we do... homemade stuff is the best! Glad your Mom is feeling better and has a good appetite. Best Christmas ever! :-) I do envy you and everyone else that has this week of the year off... I was hoping my place would shut down, but nooooooo.... lol!

  14. Kim: Hope you can kick back a bit this week and get caught up with yourself. You don't want to start the new year all pooped out. PS Wish I was there to help you with the grazing...snort, snort...

  15. My roast chicken is on it's way to being chicken soup as I write. It is nice to have some 'plain cooking' after all those delicious goodies. Luckily I was able to leave all of them behind when I visited.

    Good luck with the rug inspiration. Have a Happy New Year!

  16. Did somebody say peanut butter balls??? Oh I'm so jealous...I didn't bake this year thinking no one really ate the stuff anyways...except well, me - DUH!!! And I MISS it! And, we didn't host the family Christmas eve celebration this year so no leftovers there either. Dang. And no one is bringing me plates of goodies...Double dang. How far is it to Nova Scotia anyway??? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin