Sunday, December 11, 2011


I feel a little more Christmassy now.  Attending the performance of the Nutcracker Ballet was a great idea.  I went with my friend Teri and her Mom.  We had some special little girl's in the performance.

The youngest was one of the mice and later a dancing gingerbread.  Her sister was one of the toy soldiers.  They looked adorable and did a fantastic job. 

I was impressed with the whole production.  Very professional and well done.  And some of those ballerina's were just amazing.  Not bad for a small little town.

Before the performance started we did a little shopping in downtown Sackville.  I found this great little carrier.  It looks perfect for when you have to take treats somewhere this time of year.

When I got home I discovered the beautiful pointsettia garden (in the first photo) had been delivered.   And one of Mom's Home Care workers stopped by and delivered this cute little mug with greenery.

He makes one for each of his clients, as many of them live alone and don't have a Christmas tree anymore so they enjoy the little wisps of real greenery.  It is so sweet and thoughtful. 

And the last (but certainly not least) bit of Christmas spirit I found this weekend . . .

A bottle of Chocolate Vodka Martini

Now that's some Christmas Spirit - Right . . . . .

I'm thinking garnishing the glass with a peppermint patty or maybe a mini candy cane

I'll let you know my review after I "test" it tonight. 


  1. Now that DOES look like some Christmas spirit!!

  2. I am so happy you had a fun time. It's been years since I have seen the Nutcracker. My favorite thing is to go to a steep hill that is filled with homes decorated with lights. There is huge line of slowly creeping cars up this hill and It's fun to see hundreds of lights.Maulie loves hanging her head out the window.

  3. I love the Nutcracker! The carrier looks like the perfect thing! How sweet he is to do this for the clients!

  4. The Nutcracker is one of my favorite musicals. I have seen it done professionally and by school children. It really doesn't matter, it is a wonderful performance. Have a good weekend.

  5. Yes, I would be curious to see if it is any good. :)
    I am so glad you had fun. I always love to see what that nice worker brings to his clients. It makes my day to hear of what special people there are in the world.
    I am up and running computer wise. I will email you later.
    Have a lovely day.

  6. Yes, it's looking a lot like Christmas with that pretty poinsettia. And that chocolate vodka - that will warm things up nicely.

  7. Kim ~
    So glad you are getting in the Christmas spirit, and the spirits should help a bit, too :)

  8. So glad you had fun at the nutcracker. And the wonderful gifts that were waiting when you got home. and ohhhh the christmas spirits I looove martinis a cosmo is my favorite can't wait to hear your review.

  9. I'll take my spirits however I can get them this year.... Ho Ho Ho....(And "Cheers!" - Hope it was yummy!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. I'm thinking the peppermint patty might be the right touch...think of biting into the soft chocolate...mmmm.
    Glad the ballet was just the ticket to get in the holiday mood!!

  11. The Nutcracker is a wonderful thing to take in this time of year. It sets the mood for the holiday, I think. We anxiously awat the martini review!! I will have to look for that. Would make a great gift.

  12. I think small town performances are so fun. We have a lovely dance company here in our small town and they put on a great performance of the Nutcracker every year. I'm glad you have some of that Christmas Spirit now and I'm glad you'll have some "spirit" later to enjoy!

  13. My sister had been a ballerina for a time and she performed in the Nutcracker several years. I miss it since she's no longer dancing.
    I'm glad you had a nice time!
    Enjoy those holiday goodies!!

  14. Chocolate Vodka Martini!!! That so caught my eye. Never seen it before, but I think it just might be delightful. The poinsettia garden is lovely.

  15. Kim, I'm glad that you are finding your Christmas spirit. How nice to have people delivering such cheerful gifts at your home.

    I love the Nutcracker but never saw a live performance, only what I saw on TV.

    The Vodka sounds interesting. I'm waiting to hear all about your experience with the peppermint patty.

    I hope that you have a great week. Stay warm and safe. Hugs. JB

  16. Hmmm. I'm wanting the review on the Vextini!

  17. Well did you make it to work after your Chocolate Love Affair. lol
    Wow girlfriend you always have the best things going on in your life. Love coming by here and checking on you.
    I am suppose to be working around here getting everything done but I had to take ten minutes for blogging.
    Glad you enjoyed the Nutcracker. I wish I had went to ours.
    Love ya
    Honey and thanks for entering the giveaway good luck to you

  18. Hi kim. Thought I'd drop by. I was at the Matinee performance of the Nutcracker on Saturday. My next door neighbour was Clara! We've been going for the past three years and every year I enjoy it more!! I can't get over the talent in this small town. I'm putting that chocolate vodka martini on my list!! Take care, Lynne :)

  19. Hi Kim, Jil, or Susan or whoever you are today,
    Just catching up on all your postings!
    I'm hoping you are finding more holiday spirit ... prebottled is fine too.
    I can't wait to see the mats you are hooking.
    Have a great week ahead.

  20. Woohoo!!! Did somebody say 'chocolate' over here???

    Hey sweetie, I just wanted to thank ya for your visit and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride!!!

    God bless and in the words of that silly old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now...ya hear!!! "

  21. Hi Kim ... I will see the nut cracker also on Saturday afternoon. My granddaughter will be starring in it with her dance group. Cannot wait. Hopefully that gets me more into the Christmas spirit..... Chocolate and vodka sounds great to me.... Sure could not hurt....
    Take care,

  22. The Nutcracker is wonderful! Would love to see it!
    I hope you have a blessed Christmas,