Friday, December 9, 2011

Remember - Be Nice

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to be nice.  Everyday stress plus all this holiday hoopla can take a toll on the nerves and common sense.

And especially at this time of year (you know, with Santa watching and all) we should all be on our best behavior :)

Do you remember in a post earlier this week I mentioned getting low on a pretty piece of plaid wool?  Well, last night I got a message from a friend that she found a piece of it in her stash and was willing to part with it.  Another example of the generosity of hooker friends.

So on my lunch hour I stopped in to pick it up (before she changed her mind  LOL).  As I was leaving I mentioned I was on my way to a local store to raise heck about an trouble-filled purchase.   I was all wound up and loaded-for-bear.   And then she hits me with this . . . . . "Now Kim, Be Nice"     Dang it.  Don't you hate it when someone is right ?   (And I had a really good rant all worked out for the store manager too)   And even worse, she had to remind me to be nice after just giving me a kind, nice gesture.  Sheesh, sometimes I need a bonk on the head. 

As I left and was driving to the store I realized I was smiling.  I looked down at that pretty piece of wool on the seat next to me and giggled all the way to the store.  And as I arrived in the parking lot I was repeating "Now Kim, Be Nice"    So I WAS and got my issues all straightened out.  Sometimes we all need a little reminder to be nice. 

Tomorrow I am going to see the Nutcracker Ballet.  That should help with the Christmas Spirit.


  1. All those sugarplums and tutus should help indeed! Everyone was so nice to me today...that I was able to overlook it when someone else wasn't. I'm glad you got more of the wool you needed! Have fun at the ballet!!

  2. more flies with honey etc. that is what being nice gets although I can work up a good rant myself. Enjoy the nutcracker I just love it.

  3. Kim,
    I so enjoy your writings and find myself inspired again and again by your spirited approach to things! I have been tried many times and "bonked" on the head as you put it! Reminding myself to "rewind and be kind" isn't always easy.
    Enjoy the ballet! I know you will get a good dose of the much needed Christmas Spirit! :-))
    Cathy G

  4. Friends are the best when they make us think for a second and bring out the best in us. I am so glad you got that wool. I had a similar problem. I had to hook a whole different color because they were out of the color til spring, Have fun at the nutcracker! Cheri

  5. You get more bees with honey - I try to tell that to my GS, but . . . sandie

  6. Kim enjoy the Nutcracker! And you weren't kidding about the "be nice" post ;) Santa is all busy checking out our being good. I try to be nice, but sometimes my not nice self kinda sneaks up and out on me! Much better than I use to be because the residual guilt later that I feel isn't no fun!

  7. Oh, Kim !
    Santa will probably reward such a nice girl..hehe!
    Enjoy the Nutcracker. I haven't been in so many years. I think next year I will have to plan a date with my grandson. I know his Dad always loved it!
    Holiday hugs :)

  8. My poor kids have been getting Not Nice Mommy lately so today I made an effort to be as nice as possible and hey guess what - they were nice back! LOL! It really does get you farther.

    Also, "Another example of the generosity of hooker friends." is the best sentence I've seen all day. Sorry, it made me giggle. :)

  9. I love the Nutcracker! I took my two oldest children when they were 6 and 3. We got all dressed up, drove into Los Angeles and they were mesmerized. We'd played the music for weeks and so they were pretty familiar with it. Great experience!
    Speaking as one who has worked retail - you'll ALWAYS get more cooperation and extra mileage perks if you're nice rather than if you walk in shooting.

  10. So glad you got your wool. I will be off line until they get my internet fixed.
    I need this reminder so I will be nice as I wait on service people.
    Hugs from me to you,
    Have fun tomorrow.

  11. We've had so many issues at work and I have had a few "not nice" moments lately. I tell myself everyday to just take a deep breath and do a good job and also try and be nicer. It's helped a little...I hate when I let my temper fly and "evil YaYa" makes an entrance! Thanks for the reminder and enjoy the Nutcrakcer tonight!

  12. At this stressful time of year, a little bit of niceness probably brought joy to the store clerk's heart. I'm sure mostly what they hear is complaints.
    You did GOOD!!! And it made you feel GOOD!
    Glad you have the wool to finish your mat. Another nice gesture!
    Enjoy the ballet. I can hear the music now!

  13. Oh mercy. We're all in that boat... now ____, be nice! Life and God handed me a new normal last month and, sometimes, I find myself wanting to not be nice. I think I'll make myself a little card and leave it near the phone and in the car.
    Now Sandra, be nice. Thanks for the reminder; Merry Christmas to you and yours and God's blessings on the work of your hands and heart.
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm, VA

  14. Isn't it ironic when karma smacks us in the head like that!!

  15. Love it. We're always saying BE NICE to our dogs and I am now finding I'm saying it to myself when I get all riled up over something that really isn't important. I love how you got that wool and learned that at the same time. Sweet.

  16. Ah, the Nutcracker brings back so many warm memories for me. Great that you got your wool. I know what you mean about the reminder to be nice. I think we all need it once in awhile. Sometimes we just need to get the rant out. It's good if we can just do it in the car on the way to where we are going then settle down and just be nice. Things usually work out better that way. Blessings!

  17. One of my multiple personalities is actually quite nice - some of the others, well - let's just say they could use a good "bonking" more often than not. ;o) Great message Kim - and glad you got your wool. Hope you have a magical time at the ballet - I haven't been in years and years - DH isn't fond of that "stuff." Have a "nice" weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  18. Ah Kim, you are a NICE girl. You just needed to be reminded of it, that's all. Your good friend D. is such a wise soul.

    I'm glad that you listened to her wisdom. I hope that the Nutcracker will make you feel all wonderful inside.

    I'm trying my best to imagine what you look like when you got steam coming out of your nostrils, ha ha ha. My imagination is not very good I'm afraid. All I can see is a big smile and a pretty face... Have a great weekend. Hugs. JB

  19. My husband always tells me to "Play nice" when I have to go to one of his work parties or another gathering that I have to go to and don't want to attend! There are always people that annoy me and he knows something migh ust fly out of my mouth!

    Would you believe that I was in the nutcracker for many years? :)I danced from the age of 4 through college and I danced most of the roles. Wait, I was never a mouse or the Mouse King - thank God!

    Enjoy the Nutcracker!