Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chatting on Patrice's Porch

Today I thought I would join Patrice for Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.  Each week Patrice posts some get-to-know-each-other questions.   

  1. Where is your favorite place to think, reflect, or pray?
I think my favorite spot to think is near the water.  It doesn't matter if it's the ocean, lake or a river.  I just feel better when I can look out at the water.  The sounds of the water lapping up on the rocks is just so soothing to me.  It always makes me feel better.  Someday I'm going to retire on a beach.

2.    Did you believe in Santa as a kid?

YES.  Even though I was terrified to sit on his knee, I did believe.  You know those pictures you see with the little kids screaming in fear on Santa's lap - - that was me.  LOL  I still remember my cousin Michael telling me he wasn't real.  I ran to my grandfather crying and sobbing, begging him to tell me that Michael was lying.  Grandpa was NOT impressed with him.    When Michael and his wife had their first child, I held her in the hospital and told her in a few years I was going to tell her what her Daddy told me.  Michael roared laughing and told his wife from now on to refer to me as "Crazy Aunt Kim" around the baby so she wouldn't believe anything I said.  Can you imagine??  He told me I can tell her on her 18th birthday.  I have 7 years to wait.

3.   What's your favorite kind of Christmas cookie? You can add a recipe if you have time.

Hmmm, all cookies are good, but I look forward to the coconut cherry surprise balls and gingerbread.  I also make a mean nutmeg log.

4.    Did you grow up around any of your grandparents?

My Father's parents were gone but I saw my Mom's parents every day growing up.  I think they were my most important influences in life.  I was the only grandchild so I spent a lot of time with them.  They each taught me things that have carried me through life.

5.     What's your favorite winter sport-skiing, skating,sledding, other(?) ? If you are in a warm place, what is your favorite winter sport to watch when the Winter Olympics are televised?

I skated a lot as a child and we lived near a great sledding hill.  Not a big fan of climbing back up the hill though. (haha)   I tried skiing twice.  (Once for a guy)  It is not for me.  I still don't understand why sensible people would strap sticks to their feet and hurl themselves down a mountain. . . . . . . . Lol

Since we are being honest here - I'll confess - I'm the kind of winter sport girl who gets dressed up in a cute ski / skate outfit and then sits by the roaring fire with a drink and a plate of food.    Love the outfits - hate the winter activity.   


  1. Oh you are so cute and funny. You mean you can go to a lodge and not ski??? I thought you had to ski.
    I like that you saw your grandparents every day, that is so nice. You are the only grandchild?
    I think your cookies sound so nice.
    I like being around water too.
    I enjoyed your answers this week. :)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you've joined us around the porch!! I love hearing your answers! And wearing the outfit around the warm fire with a good drink in hand...oh, yeah!

    I'm too bushed to post on this tonite...I'll catch up tomorrow!

  3. Okay I am with you on going back up the hill - I was raised in Chicago with toboggans! I hate the walk back!

  4. Kim ~
    Thanks for sharing! I love learning more about and I like what I know :-)

  5. I just found you today and we have one thing in common, I like the ski clothes but not sking, lol, great blog, I'm your nesest follower!

  6. I grew up near the Jersey shore, I miss the real ocean living in Arizona.

  7. I love your answers and those coconut cherry surprise sound delicious.

    I tried a pair of downhill skis on once and I went down that hill screaming like my pants were on fire and off they came and I never did try them on again. I've cross country skied but I just don't care much for the cold.


  8. Thank you for dropping by the porch!I see we share the same opinion on skiing. The cookies sound great and I would love to have some as I read blogs tonight. I like the rug on your header. I went to a textile show at an art gallery in the city where my daughter studies music. There were some remarkable rugs. The bobbin lace was very pretty too. One of my daughters makes bobbin lace.

    I hope you will join us on the porch again. You'd make a lovely addition to our group. Have a wonderful week!

  9. I love being around water too, Kim. Maybe well meet on a beach somewhere when we're retired!

  10. Well, Crazy Aunt Kim - we have more in common than I even thought initially. Yeah - so get you on that winter sports stuff....mine is lifting weights in front of the fireplace (one glass at a time)....I did try downhill skiing twice - both times I rented boots and both times was given two left boots which I didn't realize until the ski patrols escorted me back to the chalet. Hmmmm...who doesn't believe in Divine Intervention??? ;o) I think we need a recipe for those coconut cherry surprise cookies too....Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Love your answer to #5. I'd prefer sitting by the fire too!

  12. Kim I was looking forward to your answers! You didn't disappoint :) I'm loving your confession ;)

  13. I tried skiing once- it was a day when the experts weren't out there due to a near blizzard. We were idiots. My cousin told me about Santa. I'm still mad at him! LOL

  14. Is that a real sport? Sitting in front of the fire and eating? Sign me up! I bet I could win that one. ;) LOL!

  15. Kim I can just see you at a ski lodge! It sounded like you were surrounded by love as a child. Cousins can be pains. Lol I like the skating at the winter olympics.
    Hugs Cheri

  16. I hear you on the skiing thing...I've never understood the fun of it, either. But then, I'm not a big fan of snow any more. It was much nicer when I was closer to the ground!

  17. You have such a good sense of humor. I enjoyed your porch chat very much. Watching winter sports are a lot more fun than participating in them.