Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wet and wild

Yesterdays weather was crazy.  High winds and torrential rain.  The weather girl on the news last night reported that we had more rain fall in 1 day than in a typical month!  And the drive to work in the morning was treacherous to say the least.  Almost like an obstacle course.  It was compost bin pick up day so the empty carts were all lined up curbside and of course they are on wheels.  The wind was just whipping them around.  I had 2 fly out in front of me, plus all the wet leaves down on the roads were so slippery.  Then there was the odd branch or tree limb soaring through the air.  Definately kept me on my toes.

Then it was off to the Doctors office to get some of my test results.  Thyroid, sugars, blood pressure, cholestrol etc.........Perfect!  Not too shabby for a middle aged gal who doesn't exercise and eats cookies and junk food!!!

We had scattered power outages and phone service interruption.  So no internet until this morning!  What a long evening not being able to stalk all your blogs.

Gotta run to the grocery store and stop at a local Christmas Craft Show this afternoon.  


  1. I have been watching your weather and it looks like it is something else. Have a blast at the craft show today. That is so awesome you got such a report on your health. Pretty impressive.
    Have a very fun day if you can, I of course, am so sore the only thing working is my fingers on this keyboard. :)I am hoping to get our fire wood stacked before the rain gets here but bending over is not real easy today.

  2. Send the rain our way! We really need it!

    I eat cookies and junk food too, and I don't exercise, so I'm perfect too!

  3. I try to exercise but I always seem to fall off the wagon and go back to the bad habits.

  4. I hate going to the Grocery Store...

  5. Kim, I'm glad that you made it through yesterday's storm without accident and also that you had a perfect bill of health. That proves that hooking is good for your health. Did you celebrate with junk food? I eat junk food too. Being without power and internet connection really sucks. JB

  6. Hi Kim,
    Glad you are pronounced healthy inspite of junk food and lack of exercise! You would think all those preservatives would..well...preserve us! LOL!!!
    Hope the worst of the weather is over. The same storm system came through our area, but we didn't get so much wind and rain.
    Have a good time at the craft show.

  7. Glad the tests came back perfect. I am impressed. Hope you have a great weekend.