Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Shopping Fun?

Last night and this morning I couldn't think of what I was going to ramble on about today.  And then I went out shopping and the content of this post became clear!
My first stop was pleasant.  One of our churches was having a "Bethlehem Market" this morning.  Its a Rummage/Bake Sale and all the vendors (the church ladies) dress in Shepherds clothes.  I'm not a "rummage sale" kind of gal but I did very well scooping up goodies at the baking and candy tables!

Next stop was to head for the Mall.  On my way there I got to a set of traffic lights - I had a green light but luckily I was paying attention because some idiot just flew through the red light!  Didn't even blink..... It made me wonder - how can you drive with your head up your arse butt?

Next bundle of fun.....the Mall Parking Lot.  Seriously, they should have someone at the entrance handing out blood pressure pills before you are allowed to enter the parking lot.  Oh my nerves.  The cars are going every which way, nobody will give anyone a break to turn in, and if a parking space does open up - its like a stock car derby.  Its a free for all.   And then, if by some chance, a car does stop and left you through - sure enough a bunch of pedestrians will step out in front of you!  Arrrgh.....

The final insult......department stores that are full of shoppers with only 2 checkouts open.  In my line the old couple in front of me were quaint (NOT).  You could hear him yapping all over the store and his wife resembled Loretta Lynn circa 1970.  Big ass beehive hair-do etc.  The line is getting longer and then the girl finishes ringing in their order and he asks how much were the batteries.  The cashier checked the receipt $6.   OMG......He got all excited and yelling that they were on sale for $5.  He is insistent and loud and the rest of us are stuck waiting.  I heard the woman behind me tell her husband to give the guy $1 so we could get out of there.  I may have snorted out loud.  He is not leaving until she gives him the sale price.

So we wait for someone to confirm the price.  And he is still yapping.  Eventually the supervisor comes and tells him its the Energizer batteries on sale NOT Duracell.   Sooooooo, after all that fuss over $1 and making everyone wait - he decides to take them anyway for the $6.................... He is just lucky I didn't find a "special" place to put his batteries!!

Isn't shopping during the holidays fun??    I'm still plugging away on the Angel rug border and am patiently (not) waiting for my new cutterheads to arrive.  It seems like it is taking forever to get here.
Maybe Santa will bring me patience this year.....(not likely)


  1. Oh Kim you are so funny, I am so glad I didn't go to the mall today. I knew it would be just that way. I laughed about the couple and the batteries. How often I have stood behind those kind of people and waited.

    You know Christmas would be a fun time of year if we didn't have to shop. :)
    Have a fun day on Sunday. Even though I did laugh and enjoy your post. :)

  2. NO!!! Shopping during the Holidays is NOT FUN!

    Thank goodness most of our family no longer exchanges gifts. There's only adults, no young children. None of us want the hassle. We just get together, eat, talk, and enjoy the company.

    I used to work at Joanne Fabrics and I certainly know the 'but-that's-supposed-to-be-on-sale!' type. And the price checks and trying to go back through the sales brochure only to find that they read it wrong. Like no one else is waiting in line!!! They when they pay, digging through their change and trying to count it out to the exact cent and taking forever. What's with that??? I love to take change home to my coin jar. Summer vacation money!

    Blood pressure medications are a must before driving at this time of year! Road Rage is everywhere!

    Just let me hole up in the house with the woodstove, a cup of coffee, and a good book till it's all over.

  3. I'm not shopping this year either except for one game at Wal Mart.
    I'll just go over to weaverpat's house and drink coffee and sit by the fire.

  4. Oh Kim! You just reminded me of why I don't shop after Thanksgiving! I try to stock up on my food supplies so I don't have to drive through the jungle being harassed by monkeys and lions!

    Have a Great Day!

  5. Oh that story about the old couple is too funny and very typical of what happens to me!!! I avoid the malls now at all cost. Not doin it, nope, can't make me!
    Happy Holidays,

  6. I take a day out of work, mid week usually and get there for eight and am home by one o'clock. The rest of the afternoon I spend wrapping. I have some horror stories of my own on mall shopping. I really enjoyed my visit today.

  7. I am going to join Pat and everyone else with that cup a coffee by the fire. Exactly where I was yesterday and today (except for still helping my Mom get settled) while everyone was else was standing in lines freezing and waiting to even get INTO the stores! Some were open a 2:00 A.M. What is the matter with people?!!!! Kim, please tell me you at least waited until 10:00AM to join the madness!! LOL!
    Cathy G

  8. No... shopping for the holidays is very tiring... a test of patience is putting it mildly. I stay away from any stores (except the grocery store) during this month. In fact, I let my family know that I am not buying Christmas gifts this year.... I'm making them.... and, If I don't finish the gifts by Christmas? I'll catch up with them at Easter! lol! So far, this has been the best Holiday season since i was a kid!... ;-)

  9. I hate going to the shopping "maul" this time of year ... I think I'll just stay in and hook a little longer. :)