Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two by two

And the rain just keeps on falling.  I'm sorry for those of you who really need it however we have had plenty for days, and the forecast shows so sign of it ending for at least 3 more days.
I swear, if I look out the window and see animals walking by in pairs ---- I'm outta here!!!

I have been chilled since Friday.  The dampness just goes right through the bones.  Today I put a soup on.  Its an old favorite of my Grandmother.  She called it "bean soup".  Its not quite a soup and not quite a stew - something in the middle.   Beef stewing cubes, potatoes, turnip, carrots, and yellow eyed beans.  Perfect for a damp dreary day.  We are all still hanging on to the congestion and coughs from that cold so i seemed like a good idea.

Even poor little Millie is sick.  She threw up on her blankets Friday afternoon but I attributed it to the weather.  The wind was howling and she was kind of jumpy.  But she has done it 2 more times, yesterday and this morning.  All her many many blankies are in the wash now.   She either caught it from us or from Weaverpats cat Deiter!!  (Well, she was on my lap while I was reading Pats blog)  LOL  Hopefully they will both be on the mend soon.  Millie is quite the little drama queen when she is sick.

A little more progress on the Angel rug, but no point in showing it again yet.  Just filling in the dress and working a bit of the background in.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Sorry to hear you are getting so much rain. And I hope you start to feel better along with Millie.
    My dog had the same thing awhile back remember.
    A friend told me just to give them pepto bismol (pink stuff).
    The stew/soup sound really good and perfect for the weather you are having.

  2. My bones are aching from the rain and cold also!
    Hope the dog get better soon!

  3. Oh so sorry to hear the weather is so bad. Guess I won't tell you that it's 80 and sunny here in Arizona. Poor little Millie. I love her new picture but I have to say, the Halloween one with the cape was the best!

  4. I would take off too if I saw animals coming two by two. Your house sounds like our house. I can hear the coughing and all of that stuff going on upstairs where the kids are. All 4 of my kids have had that stuff. My daughter is the sickest now but she keeps going to work. Poor Millie. Nothing worse than sick animals. The soup/stew sounds wonderful. I hope you keep getting better and the rain lets up a bit, at least it isn't snow yet, now I hope I haven't jinxed it. :)

  5. Just think on the bright side, at least, we don't have to shovel it. That soup/stew you are making? We call it stoup! Sounds yummy!

  6. It's been a long time since I've had to say Rain, rain, go away! lol We do need the rain where I live right now.

    Hope everyone gets better soon!

  7. Poor Millie, I hope she feels better soon. Winslow Homer is off to the vets this week, he has FLEAS! He is chewing himself silly. Your grandmother's soup/stew recipe sounds delicious and oh so healthy, just what one needs when trying to get over a cold and this rainy weather. Tomorrow the rain arrives here, so much for leaf raking.

  8. It's awful trying to recover from the flu and colds with damp rainy weather! Wish I could send you some of ours! It's been gorgeous the last two days......a good thing because we're moving the last of mother's things out of her house! Hope you all recover quickly this week including little sweet Millie! Kim, I am not familiar with yellow eyed beans.....are they available canned? They sound interesting and healthy!
    Cathy G

  9. Hi Kim,
    Deiter says he is so sorry that Millie isn't feeling well. He's had antibiotics and is back to his happy self. Hope your little one will soon be better.
    I can imagine how depressing all that rain can make you feel. Glad you are getting over the bad cold. Zip is still hacking and coughing. It's been three weeks. One good thing- he felt so bad he quit smoking! Horay!!!

  10. Kim sorry about all the rain. We would take some if we could, we haven't had any rain since Sept. 23rd. Hope Millie is feeling better this morning. Soup makes gloomy weather days a little, LOTS better!

  11. How the heck did I missed your post on Sunday Kim. I've been checking for it and totally missed it. I was thinking that you had a relapse and were back in bed. Maybe it's because I was feeling down the dump so much yesterday from all that gloomy weather. The last time I checked it, Millie was still in her Halloween Costume. I can't figure it out. Any way, I found you.

    So sorry to hear that poor little Millie caught the flu and that you had a crappy day at work. Hope that all will turn out to normal soon. The soup sounds great. JB