Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't shop hungry

I'm sure you have all heard this expression "Don't shop while hungry" and maybe even experienced it.  Its so true.   Another take on that theory is "Don't go looking at wool on payday." 

Last night I stopped at Corinnes (Momz Wool)  to pick up a piece of wool.  AND came home with 5 pieces of wool.  Yes, I have a problem!  But at least I have everything I need for a weekend of hooking.
These colors are intended to form the  border of this rug.
Not only am I a wool addict.  I am also a Christmas music addict.  I figure after November 11, its fair game for Christmas.  The ipod will go all holiday tunes tomorrow.  Faa laa laa laa laa........

And here is my Christmas cactus blooming.   We almost lost this plant so I am pleased it is coming back.  It was much larger but I waited too long to re-pot it and a couple of large chunks fell off.  (I don't have a very green thumb)


  1. I have that problem also. My husband always says dorr mill called they want to know if you can send them some wool. funny guy. He has the same problem with lumber. so we are a pair. I work with a handicapped young man who his parents believe has the largest christmas music collection in the world!!!! he likes a lot of church music for chirstmas. I am sure he has it right but I am a sucker for rocking around the christmas tree.

  2. Christmas cactus and orchids are the most tolerant plants -- at least in my experience. They both seem to cope well with both a drought and a flood ('cause I am all about the feast or famine....LOL!)
    Happy Turdsday!

  3. Oh Kim......I should show you a photo of my Christmas Cactus... you would get a laugh!
    Those are yummy looking wools and I can see your appetite for wool is always satisfied at Corinnes! That border should be gorgeous!
    I have a small confession. I played Christmas music a couple of weeks ago while hooking on Mr. Chill. But why does it drive me crazy hearing it in the stores right now?
    Happy hooking this weekend!
    Cathy G

  4. Kim, your angel rug is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it finished. Is there a chapter of woolaolic in your area? My addiction is secondhand wool. I'm too poor to buy pre dyed wool. That wool looks so nice.

    Your Christmas cactus is in full bloom already and is the same color as one that I posted on my blog. My biggest one has a few tiny buds starting.
    We have a water softener and I don't use that water for my plants. I use either rain water or water from the dehumidifier. The salt residue is real hard on house plants. JB

  5. I've had my Christmas cactus for about 5 years now - it's gotten a lot bigger but has never had a single bloom - I'm ready to chuck it in the garbage! Grrrr.....

    Yummy wools!

  6. Plenty of money and starving for wool will get you every time! LOL!!!
    Can't wait to see what you do on the border.

    The holidays always seem to sneak up on me. Maybe I should get out the music as a reminder.

    Glad your dreadful weather is past!

  7. Your angel rug is just beautiful! You know I am safe because I have not found one single place in my town that sells wool. I would go crazy if there was let me tell you. I am that way about fabric but I have a better handle on that. There is something about the way wool feels. I hope this means you are going to get to hook lots this weekend?
    I love the colors you bought.

  8. LOVE the wool!! I admit....I'm a wool addict too!!!

  9. Kim ~
    I think most hookers are addicted to wool :) Love all that you bought. Your rug is looking wonderful! How big is it and what cut are you using?
    I love Christmas music, too, but not until after Thanksgiving.
    Hugs :)

  10. Your Angel is beautiful!
    And that wool--those colours!
    I'm rug hooker wannabe. I've wanted to try rug hooking for years (other than latch-hooking, which I've done). The creative aspect of intrigues me.