Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yawn......I want my hour back!

What a terrible week to lose an hour! What is normally a great treat and another of the great things about Spring, turned into a negative this week. As you can see I haven't posted for a week. I was dreaming of a quiet restful weekend but this house was like Grand Central Station all weekend. Company coming and going, and even a surprise visit from a cousin from Ontario passing through.

Another bad sign of Spring is what I like to call "Meeting and Conference Season". Last week I was on the road 2 days plus had a 7 hour (Yes, I said 7 hour!) long budget meeting. Now if that doesn't suck the like out of you ---nothing will!

Budget meetings continue this week and then I hit the road again next week for 3 days. I used to enjoy these little trips but now with Mom's care, it just becomes another scheduling/juggling problem. However....I gotta make a living!

I am slowly progressing on the Beach Bum rug. But I am too lazy tonight to take a picture. I'm not happy with the color of the flowers on the bathing suit so I think I will pull them out and try something else. I wanted to make the bathing suit the same as one my Grandma used to wear at the cottage but the yellow flowers are too close to the flesh color. Too bland, so they gotta go.
I'll post a picture next time.



  1. That work schedule sounds grueling! Hang in there and be sure and treat yourself to a few nice hooking hours when you can! It's getting busy here too with my Mom's upcoming cataract surgery...appointments etc. No me time I'm afraid......but as they say "this too shall pass."! I certainly hope "they" are right! Cathy G

  2. I can't wait for an update on your rug

    Maybe a few days the week after of Overtime for just Kimmie. When I get my basement done you can hide down there, put your feet up and hook

  3. Hi Kim,
    I know what you mean .... it feels as tho you should still be sleeping ... It takes me such a long time to get into the swing of the time change!
    And I remember the days of life sucking
    blah .. blah .. blah .. meetings! After about 3 hours you brain is numb and you are trying to look like you care and are awake ....
    I feel for you.
    Take care.

  4. HI Kim - thank you for your post. NOt only do we share the same name but two days in March as well. Big Hugs to you!!