Monday, March 8, 2010

Please, Please....Pull up your pants!!!

OK, Seriously - this is something we should not have to see! We have had some tradesmen working in our building lately and quite frankly, you shouldn't be seeing a moon in the middle of the afternoon!!!

I'm coming out from the mail room this afternoon and a very similar version of this photo was facing me! Come on guys......I shouldn't really have to say this.........but just to avoid any future confusion on your part.........


After my eyeballs stopped burning, (lol) I did a bit of quick internet research and I think I may have found the answer. On the site there are some very simple instructions on how to remedy this far-to-commom problem. Pay close attention to these instructions:

Step 1 - Buy and wear a BELT. (You may even have to cinch it in a little)

Step 2 - Pull your pants UP before bending to perform the task at hand

Step 3 - Suspenders. These are handy because as you walk around all day they are pulling your pants up, so when you enter the squat position, your pants are already locked and prepared.

Step 4 - A belt AND suspenders. This is how the airline industry is run. Safety back-ups are key to performance. Why take chances?

Please feel free to pass on these instructions to anyone you know who could benefit!



  1. This fellow really need to follow your instructions.
    I did have to laugh at the sight tho.

  2. OH how funny is this post....but boy we do see this more than a lady should. I am with you buy a darn belt...hahahaha
    How have you been...was thinking about you yesterday while I was mowing. Hope your well

  3. I got your package just about an hour ago and I love it...I just feel so bad that the postage was so expensive...
    The pin cushion is adorable and those crochet pads are beautiful..I love all of it and thank you so much for sending them.
    Will take pictures and show them on my site...just lovely
    Would you consider being a guest on my site where you write a story...something new I have going would love to hear yours.
    Think it over and let me know

  4. I'm glas I missed that one, very quiet in my world this week.

  5. Lovely..........perhaps a rug idea?

  6. OMIGOSH, leave it to you, Kim, but I HATE this sight and see it much too often......

    Dulcy, why don't you give this a try?? LOL!!

    Good laugh, Kim, I need this today....

  7. What is really bad is when you see this when they are walking!

    I came by way of Maggie! I'll have to catch up on your blog.

    My mom died of Alzheimer's. What a sad, depressing way to go.