Sunday, March 28, 2010

All over the place

That has been my frame of mind lately. I had a great little break in the big city but returning back to the routine has been a challenge.

However I am back to work tomorrow for only a couple of days so I really need to focus and get some crap done. I took a few vacation days next week so I could have an extra long weekend but looking ahead at some work emails I missed (ignored) this week, I now have a committee meeting Wednesday so I guess I better go in for a few hours. Plus, during the conference I learned that some of our legislation has changed that directly effects our organization and employees......and its been in effect since January.......Crap........I guess I better study it ASAP.

Ahhhh, I wish I was back in the city......but nevermind!

Anyway here is another example of me all over the place. This is a little rug I am currently working on - and as you can see I am jumping all over the place with it.

Note to Self: Learn to FOCUS!


  1. Yes but its a pretty rug
    Slow down girl and need to take care of you and not let all this other crap stress you out...I know easier said than done...sounds good though to write it..hahaha

  2. Kim,
    You always come up with such great rugs! I like the colors and the background! I understand completely the feeling of being all over the place. I think I need to get a rug going again even if just a simple hit and miss. Having something to work on seems to help settle me. Hang in there with the work stress. I hope it gets better for you!

    xxoo Cathy

  3. The fruit tree rug is looking good. Love your designs.
    I understand I have to stop and think.....prioritize and delegate.

  4. All over the place, that is how I always hook.

    Nice Work!! Good Eye for Colors.