Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole....

As I previously mentioned, I am travelling for work this week. Three days in the big city! After arriving yesturday, registering for the conference etc I had an opportunity to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3-D at the IMAX. What a fun movie to see in 3-D. But it just confirmed one thing for me.......What the heck is up with this Johnny Depp - sexiest man thing??? I just don't see it. He kind of creeps me out!
The movie was fun ----but the drive to and from the IMAX was an even bigger hoot! My friend was trying out a GPS unit. OMG the GPS voice guy was hysterical. The machine kept yelling at us. It was dark and rainy so it was difficult to see at times but this machine kept yelling TURN LEFT, TURN LEFT. Well, of course that made us start laughing and then we would miss the turn. Then Mr. GPS would start screaming new directions....TURN RIGHT NOW.
When we finally got back to the hotel - we were both in desperate need of a martini and some food. We took a seat and waited and waited and waited. The waitress walked past us about 15 times. Were we invisible??? So finally we got her attention and asked to see a menu. She snapped she would be right back! Huh? And then we waited, and waited, and waited. Now its around 10pm and I'm hungry and I get cranky when I'm hungry - so things could turn ugly real quick!!! She is strolling around, clearing tables, chatting up the "visible" customers and I'm fuming. Then I see a man walk in and stand by the bar talking to her. He looks like a Manager. Now the wheels are I continue to stare in their direction. She is naturally oblivious but HE notices. He approaches the table to see how we are. We ask to see a menu and VOILA - he brings us one! Finally!
Tonight we are eating somewhere else!!! While at first blush it may sound like a rocky night, it was great fun, with LOTS of laughs, a few stories, eventually some food and drink and a few questionable text messages!


  1. Nothing soothes an irritated customer like a good martini and some attention!! I hate when that happens! But it sounded like it ended well!! And I don't get the Johhny Depp thing, either ~ he always looks like he needs a good haircut and shampoo!!!

  2. Hey Kim,
    Good girl for behaving and waiting while being ignored in that restaurant! I'm afraid had it been me the manager would have had an earful!! I kind of like that Johnny Depp. He's weird as all get out and I haven't seen Alice in W. Dave refuses to go because he can't stand J D. I'll have to wait for the Video. Glad you had need that!! Cathy G

  3. sounds as tho you are having a great time. Sure hope you get a decent waitress for you next meal.

  4. Is that Millie in the pretty pink coat? What a cutie! Also, I see below that you won Deanne Fitzpatrick's blog drawing...Yeah! She sent me lots of great stuff, plus it's just so nice to read and write posts the way she has thoughts set up to repond to.