Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another one "hooked"

Remember Kim S, our new Hooker recruit? Well I am pleased to report that she appears to be "hooked". She finished her Rose chairpad and after a lunch hour visit to Momz Wool has started her first larger rug. She brought it in to work today to show her progress and agreed to allow me to take some pics.

She picked Corinne's pattern "Little Fishies". She is doing such a good job. I didn't take a photo of the back but it is perfect too! She is still at the early perfectionist stage and tells us that she keeps pulling out (reverse hooking) and starting again. I laughed and told her that she would have to get over that or else she would never ever finish a rug.

Here is Kim proudly displaying her work. It is quite a large rug for a beginner but she is up to the challenge. Its so much fun to see someone else get excited about a craft you are addicted to! I think we will be seeing lots of great things from Kim S. in the future.


  1. Nice job Kim S. Great colors. Can't those girls find you a lap frame to use? LOL I learned on a hoop and when I switched to a lap frame (borrowed) I was hooked! That is going to be a really cute rug! Cathy G

  2. Hi Kim

    Cathy is right about the frames. My little group is starting out well and like Kim S., they are getting "hooked".

  3. New hooker are a joy aren't they.

  4. OK Girls....about the lap frame. I gave her husband a picture of mine and all the measurements. He has "promised" to have hers built by this weekend. I think she is nagging him too! lol

  5. Nice Job Kim, I'm hoping to see it in person someday, that water is turning out nice, we'll be waiting for updates