Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunch-time Hookin'

Today we combined 2 of my favorite things ~~ Food and Hooking. Our new-recruit hooker, Kim S and I spent our lunch hour at Corinne's house. Kim finished her first project, the old rose chairpad and has been itching to start a new project. So Corinne invited us over so Kim could experience Momz Wool. Even Corinne's mom Nancy showed up.

What a great time. Our charming hostess even made us lunch!!!! Chicken salad and cheese on a warm bagel with potato chips. Yumm. It was perfect, but she didn''t have to feed us.......but it sure was a nice touch! hehe

We sat around the table snacking and gabbing while thumbing through hooking magazines. Then Corinne came around the corner with an armload of some of Nancy's finished rugs. Just beautiful but unfortunately I didn't have my camera.

The other Kim was wide-eyed with excitement! LOL There was so much beautiful wool around her, she didn't know what to do! But before we left, she managed to pick out one of Corinne's patterns and we helped her pick out some wool to get started.

It was a great THURSDAY......(see Cathy G....I even know what day it is today!) Hahahaha

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