Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whatcha making Mom?

This is the view I have from the kitchen when ever I am trying to cook. Millie is so nosy that the second she hears me move a dish or a pan she jumps to the end of the sofa to see what I'm making. And once she actually smells something cooking, she keeps that pose but adds a nice little whine to it. I had to snap this picture while I made breakfast this morning.

I have not been adjusting well to the time change this week. It really seemed to do me in. Plus Friday afternoon at work I started feeling not well and by 4pm I felt absolutely green. A little stomach virus I guess, so today was the first time I could really handle doing much in the kitchen.

I haven't even felt well enough to tell you what arrived in the mail on new Townsend Cutter!!!! I finally gave it a test run this afternoon and finished cutting the wool to finish the water on the Beach Bum. Ohhhh, I love it. All thats left on her is her hair and I'll have to pop into Deanne's shop this week for some roving.

Til then I am starting another little fruit tree pattern. Too soon for pics. Tomorrow is a long busy day so I don't anticipate much hooking time so I better get some done tonight. More wool to cut........yeah Townsend!!


  1. Congratulations on your Townsend arriving.
    Hope you are feeling better soon so you can give it a work out.

  2. Glad you're feeling better Kim! Love the rug! You will be hooking like a mad woman now with that Townsend cutter. I have one on my wish list so maybe someday. The time change always knocks me for a loop too so I know how you've been feeling. Hang in there! Cathy G

  3. Beautiful rug, Kim....I DO love Deanne's patterns, etc....You did an awesome job on this. You are so lucky to be able to pop into her place.

  4. Ditto! I love Beach Bum AND I seriously envy you being able to drop into Deanne's...what a piece of heaven. I haven't been to the new shop, either...darn it! (PS I'm with you...the time change got me, too.)

  5. Very Nice, how large is the rug? It looks to be a good size from the pic