Monday, August 31, 2009

Tonight is all about Pink!

I spent my day locked in a room full of MEN - and NOT in a good way!!

My day was consumed with labor/managment negotiations. I was the sole source of estrogen in the room. What an experience!!!

Now, don't get me wasn't all bad...but there were moments. By mid afternoon I could feel my estrogen levels declining. Oh no! Seriously, at one point I had this strange urge to belch out loud and scratch myself! LOL But I quickly regained my composure and began to repeat in my head "Think pink thoughts, think pink thoughts" Phew, it worked!

So this evening my plan is to replenish my girly levels. I'm gathering up the candles and bubble bath and heading upstairs for a nice relaxing soak.

Then a nice hot cup of tea in one of Grandma's bone china cup and saucers (that I normally consider dust collectors, but don't have the heart to get rid of). Nothing says girly like drinking with your pinky finger sticking out! Pink fluffy socks and Millie curled up beside me.....Good Plan!

Girl Power!!


  1. LOL!!!You sure have a way with words, Kim.

    I have two of those cups and saucers belonging to my Mom and wouldn't part with them for what money is in the universe...

    Hope you are not "pinned up" with men today.

  2. Ha Ha...I had the best laugh too! How often do I feel that in the Day Job!! Men and women are sure different in many ways and as I get ready for lunch with a couple of gal pals from the office, I will share your story!

  3. Ha-how funny! I work with mostly women (teachers) so I sometimes have to get away from all that estrogen! The endless discussions about what kind of ice cream at the next know how we can be. Every once in a while I long for a man who would stand up and tell us to get vanilla and be done with it! :-)

  4. gee Kim I had one of those days yesterday, the delivery people with a new piece of equipment kept saying 'the man' will finish setting this up, 'the man' had been called, we don't do anything else 'the man' does that, I finally told them well I'm the man around here and after they left 'the women' setup the equipment up. When the man finally came 3 hours later 99% of the man's work was done.