Thursday, August 27, 2009

Froggie Progress

Froggie is coming along. Remember I drew him out while waiting for Hurricane Bill - who was a no-show. Sooooo, I'm calling him a Bill-frog (bull-frog.....get it??)

I'm sorry, but its been a long day and I must be getting a little loopy!! I picked out another color today which I think is for the lettering and border. Corinne - my fabulous dye-girl, was going to dye it for me today. ON HER DAY OFF! Now that is a true friend!

The weather is starting to change. Last night there was a cool breeze blowing through my window. Exactly what I like for a perfect sleeping night. I even had to pull the blanket up from the foot of my bed during the night. I love it! And this morning the room was nice and fresh! Ahhhh I love Fall.



  1. So I guess the clowns didn't get you in your bedroom last night?

    That was a funny blog I'm not struck on clowns myself, I was OK with them as a child but after I got older they did start to get a little weird looking all that makeup and the shifty eyes but than that Chuckie doll was the finally straw for me.

  2. P.S. Froggie is coming along nicely.

  3. Kim
    Your froggie is a cutie pie! Love your side paper of leaves. How do you do that?

  4. Julie, go to the very top left corner of this page and click on "the cutest blog on the block". It will take you to the page with tons of free backgrounds etc. Find one you like and follow the directions. Just involves copy and pasting the code into your layout settings. I've been playing around with lots of them til I found one I liked.