Monday, August 17, 2009

More Drama

Tonight was supposed to be a nice relaxing evening. Note I said "supposed to be"... Earlier this evening a strange man knocked at the door and asked if our family friend Marg was on her way here. I thought this odd, but said yes. He informed me she was on her way to the emergency room in an ambulance!! He happened to be driving by as she fainted on the sidewalk. He helped her up and got an ambulance and promised her to relay the message to me. Another random act of kindness!!

She is an older lady who has been a family friend forever, and she often helps us out with my Mom. She lives alone and we return the favor by looking out for her.

So I just got back from several hours at the emergency room with her. Looks like she has a broken nose and she will have two very impressive black eyes by morning. They are keeping her overnight for observation - thankfully!

So much for a quiet night eh! Like I need MORE DRAMA in my life........NOT!!

This heat and humidity is taking its toll on us. I guess we are not used to it this year. Even poor Millie the dog is lounging around looking and acting like a wet noodle. Poor little baby, I am putting ice cubes in her water dish. For me, I think a nice glass of wine is in order. Hmmmm, good idea!


  1. Poor you, seems like you have a lot of people to take care of? I struggle to take care of myself most days.

  2. You are indeed, a kind and thoughtful person. Well deserving of a glass of wine. I put ice cubes in Maddy's water bowl too, and she loves to try to fish them out.