Sunday, August 9, 2009

More progress on the beach kids rug

It was time for a progress report on the beach kids. The sky is filling in nicely. I can't seem to settle on a name for this rug, so I've been calling them the "boy and girl", "beach kids" etc. for now.

I love the idea of this rug. Growing up we spent all summer on the beach, the image of kids on a beach brings back lots of great memories - but we were never as well dressed as these two! lol I don't think I ever went down on the beach in a cute little dress!!

I especially like the way the sand turned out. The ripples formed on the sandbars........ahhhhh, I love walking on the sandbars!

If I'm lucky today maybe I will get the sky finished. This rug has taken a loooong time.



  1. All the best things take time, Kim! Your rug is beautiful--the sand and the sky convey so much movement you can almost hear the waves pounding on the shore. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks Debra,
    I hope it will remind of the beach during those long Nova Scotian winters!

  3. So in the end you didn't have to pull out any wool right? I think we were discussing if the water color was dark enough. Looks like you added some extra colors in there? Very Nice so far.

  4. Hi Kim

    Lovely use of colours. I would call this one...

    Sand Dreams


  5. OK Julie, Sand Dreams it is! Thanks, I think that is perfect!