Saturday, August 22, 2009

Preparing for Hurricane Bill

Well, it looks like we are not in the direct path of Bill, but are still going to feel much of the nasty effects of this storm. Hurricane force winds and torrential rain causing fun. So I have spent the morning getting ready - just in case. We have been lucky in recent years, having missed most of the worst while those arounds us - even 1 hour away have been hit hard. But Murphy's Law says that the one time I don't prepare, and go with the attitude that nothing will happen - THATS WHEN IT HAPPENS!
I dug out all the candles and flashlights, went to the bank machine for some cash and grocery store for food and just finished tying all of the patio furniture down that can't be easily moved inside. Aren't bungee cords the greatest thing?? The only way anything on the deck moves is if the entire deck flies through the air!!
AND I have figured out a Plan B for my little door hanging. Since I am disgusted with my scarecrow, and I didn't want to waste that beautiful green wool I purchased form Corinne - I have drawn out a little froggie to welcome people to my back door! So while Hurricane Bill is at work outside, I will be hooking my little project. What a great way to ride out a storm. Hmmmm, maybe I will name the frog Bill.



  1. I hope you and your families stay safe and sound through this hurricane! I can't imagine what it must be like, although we have made it through a tornado that completely destroyed my van full of antiques I had just bought! I'll be thinking and praying of you dear friend! Cathy g

  2. Thanks Cathy. Fingers crossed! And congratulations on winning the little apple pin-keep!!