Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And it happened again.....

I can hardly believe this actually happened again but it did.  And it leads me to wonder just how often it happens and people don't notice.  

If you remember I recently blogged about getting a large bill for prescriptions for Mom after she passed away.  I ranted about it here

Things were supposedly fixed and I got the correct billing amount for February and I payed it.  (After multiple phone calls).  So then yesterday I got 2 envelopes from the pharmacy.  I opened the first one and it showed my payment and a zero balance.  Yay!  Then I opened the 2nd one and it was another $200 bill for prescriptions in April.   APRIL.......!

Luckily I kept the name of the rep who helped me before.  I called her again and when she went looking in the computer it appears there is another lady with the same surname who lives in the same facility Mom was in.  Apparently our account numbers were 1 digit off so I have been getting her bills.  

Geez, can you imagine?  You would think with something as important as medications in a nursing home they would be a little more careful.  I wonder if Mom was still alive if I would have scrutinized the bills so close.  I probably would have just payed it.   

I need a vacation!


  1. Hi Kim, wow I can't believe that. Well, I think I am back..we just got cable and internet in our new place. Computer or internet running slow but it is running. :) YAYYYYY!! Sorry we couldn't get to talk on the phone. Maybe another day :) I hope you are doing ok.

    Take care, JW ((((BIG HUGS)))

  2. It sounds as though someone fed incorrect information into the computer. Hopefully it is solved now!

  3. Yes, we have advanced so far in this computer world! I knew someone whose Mom got a hospital bill from maternity...she was 80.

  4. What an awful thing for you to have to go through! I hope it is all finally straightened out.

  5. Let's hope it doesn't go on as long as your cell phone fiasco!
    Vacation? Sounds wonderful!
    Hugs :)

  6. I'm not surprised and you have to wonder if more charges were billed to your mom instead of the other resident! The nurse came in and gave my brother his diagnosis and surgery results. Fortunately, the bad news was for the patient in the next room!

  7. I can't believe that I hope they finally figured it out this time.

  8. Oh my, that is pretty scary isn't it.

  9. Oops is right, what next??? Hope all is good soon, Blessings Francine.

  10. It's nearly impossible to scrutinize all the bills...after Dad passed I was happy to receive some refund checks from various places...facility and pharmacy among them...I'm on the list for a vacation too...someday...

  11. Oh my gosh, not again... That's enough to drive a person to drink...It's a good thing that you're on top of things Kim.
    I hope this is the last of such bill you get.

    Have a bill free weekend.

  12. You and all those bills... *shake my head* you will never hear the end of it! I'd be a mess. You're so strong and on top of things. I'd have been screaming at them myself. Have a worry free weekend!!!

  13. Grrrrrr....I hope they leave you alone now!!! TGI almost F!!?!!!!!