Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting "bent" out of shape

Not all things are alike when it comes to tools and rug hooking tools are no different.  Everyone has a preference to the materials they use or the type of hook.  I have purchased and tried multiple different hooks.  I did not like the long pencil hooks at all and even tried the hooks with a thin shaft and very fine hook.  Yuk!  Just seemed to not grab the entire strip and shred it.

So I always return to my trusty beginner hook.   It's not very fancy or glamorous but we get along just fine.   But there is always the lure of trying something new.

I know several rug hookers rave about the bent hook.  If you have any wrist strain etc, especially if you are a primitive hooker using wide cuts you know what I mean.   The bent hook is supposed to help with this and eliminate some of the wrist movement.  I have purchased a couple of local made ones over the years but they have all had the fine shaft and point which I don't like.   But still the Hartman Bent Hook was on my someday list.  

Well someday is here.  I finally purchased a medium Hartman.

I haven't really given it a good test drive yet but did hook a bit with it to finish this piece.  It does take a little getting used to as you hold it differently in your hand.  It is comfortable and is great for straight lines but I do need to practice a bit more on the curves and circles.  It does slow me down a little until I get accustomed to it.

Speaking of this piece......I have finished the hooking (but not the binding yet).  An online customer requested a sheep pillow.  However when I sent her the photo she decided it wasn't for her.

So if anyone is interested in this Whimsical Sheep Pillow, send me an email.  I will have it bound and stuffed by the end of the week and if no one is interested I will post it in my Etsy shop.

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. I purchased one from Gene Shepherd a few months back with the bent hook and ergo handle and absolutely love it no more hand cramps after a long session of hooking! I love your pillow!

  2. Maybe that is why I didn't enjoy my beginning experience at hooking. It was the hook.. ;) I am sure that little sheep will find the perfect home!

  3. How cute! I don't really know anything about your craft, but maybe the bent hook will be more helpful once you get used to it.

  4. I use the same hook that I purchased when I first began hooking. I just can't make a change because nothing "feels" right. lol

  5. I just think you are so creative. Someday I will try it :)

  6. It is so cute. Your customers loss.


  7. I hope that you will love to hook with your new hook. I'm still using the Moshimer hook that I was taught to hook with. Since I use an assortments of fine cuts from #3 up to #6. I have purchases the same brand but in three different sizes.

    Sorry that your sheep rug wasn't turning your customer's crank. It's her loss for sure. I think that he's cute.

    I'm sure he'll have no problem finding a good home. After all, he a Kim Original.

    Hope your day is going well.

  8. How cute you did a nice job. I still use a pencil hook because that was my first one. I have some other ones but I always go back to that first one. I have tried other but since I learned on this one I guess I am most comfortable with it and you are right you have to be careful because it does shred the wool sometimes.
    I need to try and do some thing to help my wrist though, that is why I am interested.

  9. While I do LOVE that sheep pillow, my retirement budget is seriously limited at this point, for which I am very sorry.:-(

    xo Nellie

  10. I actually did rug hooking back in Highschool believe it or not. I can't remember what I made but I certainly had fun - that I can remember :) Lovely pillow - so adorable :)

  11. Hi Kim, love the sweet lamb pillow, sure it will find a good home, great hooking, Francine.

  12. I will tell you that you do EXCELLENT and BEAUTIFUL work. sandie

  13. Tools are my life! Not hooking tools, but surgical tools. Two docs of the same specialty will use totally different "tools" to do the same surgery. It's all in how it feels in their hands. Guess it's the same for hookers!

  14. Hi Kim, We all have our special tools that we use for all of our crafts and we like some brands better then others. I like your sheep pillow. It was your customer's lost. I can see a lot of things I would like to have, but with a fix income you have to make choices. Someday I hope to be able to try all of the new crafts I like. Have a wonderful day and try to stay cool if it is hot here. Hope your mom is doing alright. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  15. Super cute.
    Great job.
    I so hope to learn one day.
    Woolie Blessings :)

  16. Cute sheep. Sorry she didn't like it - its her loss.
    I have special tools that fit my hands best. My grandmother's thimble, scissors that I hide from everyone else and one old red handled rug hook.

  17. I use a bent hook a lot and a Hartman straight hook you are right it is a different motion but I think you will love it once you get use to it.
    love your sheep it looks like easter eggs all around it.

  18. I have a Hartman straight. Before I invested in that hook I didn't enjoy hooking at all. It definitely pays to find the right hook! :-)