Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She's on her broom

It has been awhile since I have had a good old fashioned rant.  I feel one bubbling up to the surface.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, she's gonna blow!!

Every year at the this time the Town offers a special garbage pick-up.  Almost anything goes - furniture, appliances, broken crap from your basement - whatever.  It is a great service BUT.....

The specific pick-up week is well promoted.  Yet people still start piling up their crap 2 - 3 weeks early.  The entire town looks like one big ugly junk yard for weeks.  

But the worst part is the looters, the garbage pickers, the scavengers.  Drives me nuts.  (I know, its a short trip on a good day)

Its not just the scavenging that annoys me, its the fact that these "people" rummage through your neat pile in the night and toss it all over the friggin yard.  Just tossing stuff willy nilly looking for crap.   It's crap and it's MY crap.  First, I don't want to have to re-pile the crap every morning.   And second, it's MY crap.  If I wanted strangers rummaging through my stuff I'd leave my doors unlocked.

Stay off my property and out of my crap.    Sheesh!!

There was another, different incident last night.  Something I probably shouldn't blog about in any detail.  It involves a neighborhood issue.  It involves me opening my giant pie-hole, in public,  and using the analogy "Lipstick on a Pig".   My finest hour??  Perhaps not.

I think I'd better park my broom for a few days.


  1. We are having the spring cleanup right now. It is amazing ehat people pick up. We had a lawn,owner out and it was gone in 15 minutes. We had an old waterlogged hot tub cover out and someone took it.

  2. I remember those days, when they used to do the pick up. Now we have to arrange that kind of pickup ourselves and they charge us a dollar for each trip to the town dump, where they do not mind helping us put the stuff in right piles.

  3. Park the broom on your porch...maybe it will frighten crap flingers away!

  4. I wonder what the fascination is with other people's junk? It kind of makes you wonder why you threw it out if it's that enticing to someone else doesn't it?
    Great post Kim!!
    Cathy G

  5. Yep, this is a five star rant... a lovely rant of the curb rage kind.... Why is it that I like to read someone post when they have a good rant. I think I actually get energized by someone good rant. Doesn't everyone?

    I feel like I have to redeem myself now somehow.

    I think that those varmints who goes through someone's crap are trespassing and stealing. I'd be there hiding with my camcorder taking video of them and then and their licence plates. I would lay charges even if I would have to stay up all night, which I do some nights anyway.

    Is Millie doing her watch dog thing when this happens?

    On the other hand, if that happened to me I would be blowing a gasket for sure. I'm not big or pretty but when I'm raging I'm even uglier. I think that you would even see steam coming out of my nostrils. Good thing I cool down as fast though, lol...

    Better go suck on a popsicle, I'm even getting hot under the collar right now just thinking about it.
    Hugs my dear friend. JB

  6. No such service in my little town, okay we do have one day a year where you can bring your scrub brush. Whoopie. Chalk it up to a menopausal moment, eat a piece of chocolate and turn on DWTS. Hugs, Julie.

  7. Well, tomorrow is another day. :) I bet you were so cute, no one will remember.
    Gosh, I was thinking really? All of that junk at the road? How cool is that, think of all of the neat junk I could get. Then I though oops, Oh well, I wish they had one of those here.
    Oh yeah, we call them yard sales. :)
    I hope you have a good evening. :)

  8. I agree I would think to put it out the night before might be a better Idea. sandie

  9. We have people going through our glass bottle and cans looking for returnables worth a nickel a piece. the night before the re-cycling truck comes all you can here is the tinkering and clanking of the bottles in the middle of the night. I like a good rant every once in awhile.

  10. Several of the larger towns in our area have the bulk trash pick up days but they have banned the rummaging, mostly because people parked in the middle of the street while doing their search and held up traffic.
    I will have to admit that I've found some pretty nice things along the street with a FREE sign(don't throw rotten tomatoes at me!!!), like a set of kitchen chairs and a cool old desk. I will add that I DID NOT throw people's stuff all over the lawn!
    But I know how easily it gets out of hand because before the ban, people came in droves to dig through the junk.

    LOL!!! Now you have me intrigued! Lipstick on a pig!!! Oh, that must have been a good one! Maybe hiding indoors for a while would be wise....

    1. Lipstick on a pig... Bahahaha........... JB

  11. That is a benefit of living in the country. EveryBODY has a boatload of their own crap and they don't have to go through someone else's crap. We burn most of our crap! Just breathe Kim and think of the beautiful seashore.

  12. Oh darlin', if lipstick on a pig got 'em I'd be toast in your neck of the woods!!! Heeehehehe!!!

    The Ponderosa is located right in the middle of nowhere and at the end of nothin' so I don't have to put up with any of the. No, No...just the wild~eyed bovine and cow patties!!!

    Hopefully soon the trucks will run and take all your cares away. Ahhhhhhh!!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a sunshiny kinda day!!! :o)

  13. You once again managed to bring a smile to my lips on a non-smiling kind of day Miss Kimmers. We don't have that kind of service in these parts...but in the largest town near us they do. When it's going on, it's horrid and intriguing all at the same time. My multiple personality that is neat and tidy thinks the streets are embarrassing and she wonders what visitors think - but the multiple who loves junkin' and pickin' wonders what treasures might be hiding there. Thankfully, there's the Middle-of-the-Road Multiple who would never trespass on someone's property or rifle through someone else's "crap" without an express invitation. (And, in the highly unlikely event the Junker Multiple could overcome her embarrassment to publicly pick through garbage, the OCD Multiple would make sure that the piles were neatly rearranged when Junker was through.....) ;o) Ahhhh.... this, too, shall pass....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - Why is it that that one phrase "lipstick on a pig" gets one into more awkward spots than any other???)

  14. Yeah... I don't think I'd like strangers throwing stuff all over the place in my yard either. I guess you could try not setting it out so early? Or... you can just let it fly. You make me laugh.

  15. I'm sorry I know this is a pain for you..but...you are so funny. You made me laugh.

    In Utah where I used to live they have these pick up times in different neighborhoods. It is a good thing except they have it in the summertime when there a lot of tourists and all. :( Made me embarrassed.

    Here is our little town we don't do that. There is a dump a ways out of town that you can take things to...for a price.

    We have a ton of stuff in storage that we will have to go through as soon as the weather warms up. It will take a few hours to go through.

    And you should hear me go off..I need my broom everyday. Maybe you shouldn't hear me. LOL

    I hope that your stuff gets collected soon.

    Take care my friend, Janet W

  16. Oh I am so sorry you have parked your broom you were just getting started. Neighbors oh boy. even if you like them there can stil issues Iknow.
    a big breath my friend this to shall pass.

  17. Kim ~
    Thanks for always making me laugh!
    Hugs :)

  18. Gosh Kim, it feels so good to blow from time to time. Almost makes you think you have lost 10 lbs. Hooray for you. Love to Auntie and Mom.

  19. Our city has "Curbside Clean Up" too. Put your crap out and they pick it up. I find it kind of entertaning to watch people pick up stuff. Some people have furnished their cabins this way! One guy picks up old lawn mowers, fixes them and sells them. Neighbors trade crap from their piles. I will say that the pickers are respectful and don't throw everything around the yard but we only put our stuff out a day or two in advance. Obviously, people on all sideds need to be more respectful. I do like the idea of people "recycling" junk and not all of it ending up in the landfill. Some people set out nice stuff just because they are too lazy to donate it someplace.

    Okay - not I want to hear about the neighborhood issue and your pie-hole!

  20. Well sweet Kim I am hearing a side of you I don't see much. It sounds as if I have loaned Ms. Pearl out to you for a day. haha
    Seriously I know how you feel. I would be the say way.
    It's funny I was just sitting here before I came by tonight wondering if I should blog about my neighbor. Problem is I am not sure she knows about my blog.
    This woman has actually come over to my yard and went through my stuff that is not even set out for garbage. Imagine the nerve. haha
    Take care honey

  21. My pigs are so jealous that they don't have lipstick! You could always park your broom on this old farmhouse porch. Could you sweep a bit under the benches, please? lol I know this was a sour point for you, but you wrote this so funny that I had a good laugh. I wouldn't mind folks going through my stuff at a thrift store or some other place, but not in my yard! That's why I can't handle having a yard sale. I like the cartoon you posted.
    Hope it's all over soon!

  22. I wouldn't park my broom, in fact I'd upgrade it! Don't you just want to put a camera on the pile to see who's making the mess! Maybe a sign would help!!! What a nice service, I wish we had that! I'm dying to hear about the neighbor . . . have a wonderful weekend!