Thursday, April 26, 2012

At last

So, things are better today.  At last, I did get our tax stuff delivered to the accountant.  It should be ready tomorrow and then e-filed. 

Then I went to the post office and got both packages sent.  Holy cow, postage rates are expensive.  One box was less than half a gram overweight and the price difference was $5.60    Less than a gram........ and it was a small box.  But the clerk was kind so I got the lesser rate.  Still over $10 but way better than $15.  Yay!

 Work settled down some today too.  A co-worker popped in today.  He laughed about yesterday.  He said he looked in my office and the look on my face said "Do Not Ask Me For Anything".  (He was right - I was rather close to the edge yesterday)

At last, my tulips in front of the house are starting to open.  This photo is from last year, because by the time I am writing this it is too dark to show you tonight.   And I see some green leaves sprouting on the orange bush.  The lilac tree is struggling but I think in a few days I might see some leaves.   SPRING!!

And in the the final, most amazing "at last".......Today I discovered the best thing.  A little exciting, an idea whose time has come, a bit dangerous for me.......

How many times have you been looking for the perfect pair of shoes?  You might find a cute pair, but the wrong color.  Or the right color but the wrong heel.   Well, brace your self ladies.......   I found a website where you can DESIGN YOUR OWN SHOES.

Yes, at last!   Why did it take so long for me to discover this?   Why didn't someone think of it sooner?   You have to go to this site - Milk and Honey Shoes    You pick your own style, a huge selection of materials and colors,  select your heel type and height, add some fancy embellishments and then they make them and send them to you.

It's like I died and went to shoe heaven!!!   Have any of you ever used this site??  And if so......why did you keep it a secret from me??   I have been playing with it all evening.  The possibilities are endless.  Too many choices, but so much fun!    I get a little giddy just thinking of it.


  1. Uh-oh, are we still going to see you, or do we have to find you at the shoe checkout?!

  2. I am off to give it a try. I need flats for work.

  3. I have never been to that site but it sounds like a nice site. sandie

  4. Shoes, my one true weakness! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear today was a better day. Hugs, Julie.

  5. LOL
    Well honey I have never heard of this site but sounds like one we will all enjoy.
    What about snake proof boots can I order them. haha
    Glad things are working out this week. I won't even go into mine with you.
    Enjoy your shopping and be sure and share with us what you buy.
    Love ya

  6. Hi again Kim, I'm finally catching up with you. I went to the site and designed a nice pair of red poke-dots stiletto sandals for fun for $240.00. Add the extra and it makes an expensive pair of cute shoes . Are you really going to buy some custom shoes from that site? Have fun.

    Hugs, JB

  7. Kim ~
    So glad today is better and tomorrow's Friday. Life is good!
    Hugs :)

  8. Oh my gosh really? I do not need to go to the site. That sounds so dangerous. Fun but dangerous. I am so glad that your day was so much better. I am also glad that you have Friday tomorrow.
    I hope it is nice tomorrow.

  9. Design your own shoes?? I'm going there - I have a hard time finding shoes because I can't wear heels over about 1 1/2" high, unless they're wedges. Hard to find cute shoes that aren't really high.
    Speaking of high shipping, I had to send my laptop back to our Corporate offices to be updated. They wanted it sent Overnight, First Delivery. I also had to buy a laptop box from them for $22. The total came to $192.19! I couldn't believe it!! Good thing I can expense it...

  10. Good Morning Kim! Glad thinga are looking up :) Your shoe site sounds lovely but Ima thinkin' I need to stay away from there!

  11. Hi Kim, So glad things are better today. I know they will be fine by tomorrow.
    As for shoes - gracious design your own? Sounds like fun but very COSTLY. Let us all know how you make out designing!

  12. Kim, What happened to blogger since I left on vacation?
    I'll be trying to fiqure it out this weekend. I had a great time.Hugs Cheri
    I saw the cutest shoes I love on vacation I need to check out your shoe site on your blog ....

  13. Holy Cow - shoe lover's heaven! Been super busy but still want to hear the pie hole incident. For some reason I couldn't email you - new software on my computer and it is doing something strange. Would you mind trying to email me at Then we need to chat about the INCIDENT! Thanks! Happy weekend! :)

  14. Who knew such a site existed. My daughter will lose her mind with this info!!!

  15. Your tulip photo is lovely. I just love tulips. :)

    Wow, that site sounds interesting, I might just check it out.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care, Janet W

  16. Why - oh WHY - did you have to go and do that??? Share that SHOE site??? I have a horrid shoe addiction. (Truly, really - don't even make me GO there and prove my point.....) Lead me not into temptation..... (I don't think prayer is gonna work here....) !!! Robin