Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flip flops and frostbite

Ahhh, the sweet smell of vacation days!  I'm happy to report Day 1 was a great success (and that even includes having to go into the office for an hour to deal with something) 

I had booked myself an appointment at the Spa for a pedicure.  That meant wearing flip flops because as you know, the polish is never dry when you leave.  And who wants a smudge?

One little problem was that the warm temperatures of last week were gone and today it was a not so balmy 3 degrees above freezing.  But I would not be deterred.   I dug out those flip flops, rolled up my fabulous new yoga jeans and headed for the Spa. 

And instead of my usual safe choice of pale pink or nude..........Racy Red!

When I left the Spa I decided to stop and visit Stephanie at Flow Lifestyle Boutique for a coffee while my toes dried.  I'm sure I was a real hot sight strutting down the street in a wool winter coat, flip flops and jeans rolled up to my calves.   (any wonder why I'm single??)  Lol   But after a few minutes and the cold wind made my toes half numb, it wasn't too bad! 

There were a few other visits with friends and now I am relaxing with a coffee and a bar of chocolate with sea salt.  I never would have imagined that combo would work but Mmmmmmm

Can't wait to find out how Day 2 will compare.


  1. Sounds pretty perfect to me - minus the whole having to stop in a work part, of course! :-)
    Hope tomorrow is just as sweet!

  2. lol I can just see you walking down the street in sub zero temps with the flip flops and a wool coat with your jeans rolled up! That's hilarious! But at least you didn't smudge your toes! I haven't seen the chocolate with sea salt but I love Lindt truffles so I'm sure it was good.

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  3. Have a wonderful couple of days off Kim, I will be on the lookout for "the sandals" for you, size? I do believe we choose the same color nail polish, I seem to have acquired a spring to my step!

  4. Day one sounds wonderful to me. on to day two.

  5. Hi Kim,

    I'm glad that you had a great Day One. Hope Day Two is just as great or even better. :)

    Enjoy yourself. :)

    Take care, Janet W..

    PS MMMMMMMMM Chocolate..

  6. So glad day one went so well, your toes don't look frostbit but ready for summer. That makes me laugh.
    Your jeans looked cute too.
    I hope you have a blast on day 2

  7. Kim, I looked just like that last week when I went ~ and I had shopping to do after ~ who cares, I thought!! I did!! But no one said a thing and I didn't even run into anyone I knew!! Dry tootsies are very important!! Glad you're having a vacation ~ I know you probably really need it!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful first day...flip flops and all. Chocolate and salt? What is better that pretzels and M&M's

  9. Red toe paint and chocolate! Starting vacation off just right Kim!

  10. Nice toes! I love that you picked red. You sound so happy you could be lounging on a beach somewhere! I hope day two, and the rest of your vacation, is just as good. No, better!

    (P.s. Share the chocolate! ;P)

  11. When I saw the title of this post, I thought you joined the A-Z challenge and just decided to start with tomorrow's letter! Yoga jeans? Really? I am intrigued! There is one thing even better than the dark chocolate with sea salt...throw some caramel in there! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Happy Vacation!

  12. Kim ~
    ENJOY!!! I've got a three day weekend and I'm excited about that!
    Happy Easter to you, mom and auntie.
    Hugs :)

  13. Well Kim - we could vacation together! Nothing like a good pedicure I say! Red hot toes are the best, although mine are a sort of deep aqua right now. Not really my usual choice, but instead of chopping my hair short I settled for crazy toes. I really needed to think a little more about chopping my hair short - I tend to make impulsive decisions in that regard.

  14. Well, of course I love the red toes and the flip flops!!!!!

    Chocolate and sea salt is yummy and with a cup of coffee it is heaven!

  15. Nice color on the toes! Sounds like a great start to a vacation. Especially the chocolate bar!

  16. Sounds like a nice start to your vacation!!

  17. Kim, love that toe color and hey, you are on vacation so do whatever it is you want to do! :) Hooray for you!

    Your 'friends' rug is did a fantastic job and it looks wonderful! I love it!

  18. Seeing you walking down the street in a winter coat and flip flops in near freezing weather would have made me think, "I bet she's fun!" Especially with those red toenails! :)

  19. Add a glass of chardonnay to the chocolate and sea salt, and you have a little vacation all rolled into one! I LOVE chocolate and sea salt! And I love pedicures! I used to take my mom each spring and then we'd go for lunch. Hope we will still be able to do that this year. I haven't even been lured into the thought of flip flops yet....I don't think I could roll my long johns up high enough for the spa pedicure treatment, so it's gonna have to wait a bit. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Cute sandals! And - yoga jeans? Really??)