Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A nasty trifecta

Not your usual trifecta - not the triple threat you might hope for.  This particular
trifecta shakes down like this - a trio of D's

I'm too busy.  Work is out of control and any thoughts I had of getting caught up
- simply Delusional. 


This is the status of my life.  Do you know that I have not even had our taxes done yet?? 
Monday is the deadline.  I forced myself tonight to get our crap together
and I WILL deliver it to the accountant tomorrow.  I also have 2 packages sitting here
waiting to be mailed.  Maybe tomorrow.  I hope the recipients are forgiving.


I'm a mess.  My hair needs to be done.  I have had 2 appointments booked
and had to cancel for last minute work committments. 
Today I worked through lunch (un-planned) to finish a last
minute emergency.  On my way home I ran my fingers through my hair.
I felt something.   I had a Post-it flag stuck in my hair......
For most of the afternoon, I'm guessing.
And no one told me.......Nice!

So the triple D trifecta makes me a triple threat.
And not in a good way.
Friday.......where are you??


  1. Really no one told you that you had a post it in your hair? Oh my gosh, maybe it was just that crazy busy right?
    I would run over and mail your packages for you if I wasn't across the world from you.
    Do you think Thursday will be better? Well you sure have been on my mind. :)

  2. Hoping tomorrow is better for you...but if it helps at all, you are not alone in the crazy not enough hours in the day thing...although I've never had a post it in my hair. But I do find paint on my face sometimes at the end of the day. The post it didn't say kick me, did it?

  3. Maybe they left the post-it for fear you would forgfet whatever it was there to remind you of? Good luck demolishing those d's!

  4. Ouch..not a good day/week/month/year...I sure hope it does get better and you can get caught up. I'm sorry but I laughed about the post it in your hair. In my work (surgery) we wear space suit getups for total joint cases. Inside the arms there are stickers saying L or R..yes, we must be told which is left and which is right, but we can take out your entire hip/knee/shoulder with no written instructions. Those dang stickers also end up stuck on your arms. Well, I found out there are other ones in there too...they say Top..and my favorite one I love the most when other people find it on me says: XLG...yep, that's me..extra large. I also read your previous post on garbage. We have a similar thing called "Spring clean up week"..and it's the same deal. Put it on the curb, people come and put it all over the street or lawn and you get to "Reclean Spring clean up week"...humans are humans no matter where you throw your garbage!

  5. Kim ~
    At least the triple D's are not on your chest :)
    Here's hoping tomorrow is better and Friday is fantastic!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. The post it note would be something that happens to me. why WHY doesn't someone tell you??? LOL! Friday is coming fast!!

  7. Just sitting on the couch, drinking wine, being glad the semester if over.

  8. Only one post-it note in your hair? I'd call that a good day! ;o) JUST KIDDING!! Who knows, perhaps you'll be the start of a new rage....(er...maybe I should say "fad")..... I'm quitting while I'm behind....I think I'm relating a little too well to the 3 D's.....Wishing you a fast Friday in the coming.....Big Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Oh Kim! I am feeling your pain! Take a deep breath, relax, again breathe and grab a glass of wine when you get home!

  10. Oh no! Just take big deep breaths. The weekend will be here soon and all will be well. And everyone knows hair post its are the latest haute couture! ;)

  11. Ah Kim, Remember - this too shall pass!

  12. Hii there K-i-m, is it safe for me to come on your blog now? Geeezzzz you are having work overload again...

    Actually, I'm running behind with my comments and keep finding some post that I missed and you find post it notes in your hair. Too funny......

    I was having issues with the new blogger interface and wasted some time there. My taxes are not done yet either...

    I hope that by now you had a few drinks and all is well.
    Hugs, JB