Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny Humor?

An Easter Bunny with a sense of humor?  But somehow when I woke up this morning to discover the blanket of white snow left behind, I was not amused.

I thought the Easter Bunny would leave me a pile of chocolate goodies - NOT a chore to shovel. 

When I was a little girl it was tradition to get a new skipping rope along with the other goodies.  I think I looked forward to the new skipping rope almost as much as the chocolate and candy eggs.  (Well, almost)  You could hardly wait to get home from Church and change out of your fancy Easter clothes so you could go outside and play with the neighbor kids.  That skipping rope would have been a big disappointment this year.

OK, enough weather whining.  I did get some chocolate.  The bunny now has no ears.  Now it looks like a gopher.  In fact, I picked away at junk food all day.  When it was finally time for the big easter dinner, I wasn't hungry.  Nobody was.  Sigh......what a waste of several hours of preparation.

These are the eggs Mom painted and dipped at Alzheimers Day Care this week.  They always find the cutest little crafts for them to complete.

Now  I am ready to reveal the little projects I was making from the scrap basket.  I did actually manage to hook a bit today, in between snacking.  They are small lavender sachet pillows.

I shared all your birthday greetings with Millie.  I think she was quite pleased!  She got lots of extra treats and loving yesterday.  Well, she gets lots of loving everyday.  I don't know if you have noticed, but she is kind of spoiled :)

I hope you  all had a lovely Easter weekend.  I still have one more day of vacation tomorrow.  Yippee!


  1. OH no honey I can't believe you had snow on the ground instead of eggs. That was a dirty joke from the Easter Bunny.
    You are too funny eating so much that you could not eat your Easter dinner. hahaha.....At least you did not over fry your dinner like I did.
    I have tried several times today to come over and wish you Easter Blessings but I kept getting the error thing from Google. Hope it works this time. lol
    Love ya honey

  2. Hi Kim, Snow oh No! I hope your Easter was a great day!

  3. Snow? Holy cow..not fair at all..well, Happy Easter and please enjoy your last day off tomorrow!

  4. Happy Easter Kim even though you got lot more snow than we did. That's too funny you getting stuffed with chocolate bunny. I had one tiny chocolate egg that my granddaughter gave me but a big delicious meal at my daughter Jacqueline.

    Your little sachet pillows are adorable. Hugs. JB

  5. Easter Greetings Kim, we too had snow flurries however, no accumulation, thank goodness. Did you notice any bunny tracks in the snow? Have a lovely day off tomorrow. Very Pretty eggs, greetings Julie.

  6. I love that your bunny looks like gopher, now that his ears are gone. That is so funny about the skipping rope. I loved jump ropes. I saw them at that store and every time I walked by I wanted to buy one. Chinese jump rope was my favorite though. :) It sounds like a nice day.

  7. Howdy,

    Wow! That's quite a bit of snow. Where do you live? I thought the snow possibilities were only in our neck of the woods.

    Great Easter eggs Mom. :)

    Love your sachets.

    Give Millie a birthday hug for me, that cute lil' critter.

    Enjoy your vacation day.Take care, Janet W

  8. Oh my! Either the Easter Bunny's tail exploded or the sugar trolly capsized on your front lawn! lol! Good thing today was not pedicure day? ;-) Lovely Easter eggs and sachets! Enjoy your one more day off.... sure wish I had done the same... :-)

  9. The Easter Gopher??? Yep, after seeing your pictures I believe in HIM! Yuck!!! We've had some heavy frost but no SNOW!
    Your Mom's eggs are lovely. Good job, Mom!
    Hope you had a nice weekend in spite of the weather.

  10. Sorry to see your Easter morning looked more like Christmas morning. Love the bunny story. By the end of the today he will probably be headless. Enjoy your last vacation day!

  11. That snow sucks! Hopefully it's all gone now - bring on Spring!

  12. That is one twisted Rabbit! Yikes! We've taken a turn for the cold (and WINDY), with hard freezes at night, but thankfully, no precipitation in the forecast, as I fear it would be white. Your little sachets are so, so, sweet! And I love your mom's egss. I always try to dye mine a little differently than the plain ol' Paas dye kit type....these are beautifully muted and patterned. I wonder if, next year, she'll let me go with her?? Then, again, maybe not....they might make me stay there. ;o) Smiles & Monday Hugs ~ Robin (Enjoy your last day of vacation!)

  13. Millie. Spoiled? I don't believe that for a second!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter and today you can eat all the leftovers (and leftover gopher!).
    Hugs :)