Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

This weeks word is:   CAREFREE

care·free   [kair-free]

1. without anxiety or worry.

2. requiring little care: carefree fabrics.

care·free·ness, noun


1. lighthearted, joyous, elated, cheerful, gleeful, blithe.

 I love this word.  Don't we all wish we were more carefree??  Last night I had a chance to act carefree for an hour.  It was a beautiful night so our photography class met at one of the local parks.   This weeks lesson was on photographing movement or action. 

So we all took the chance to act a little like children and play in the park.

We blew bubbles
We went down the slides and we jumped off park benches

And there is nothing better than soaring up high on a swing set

Even Deanne got into the act

But, you know how it is.......after too much carefree child's play, we all need to sit down for a wee rest

It's great when you can learn something new and have fun at the same time.  And I can't remember the last time I went down a slide or soared in a swing.

I think my goal for the summer will be to be more carefree. 

Soooo, having said that, I may not do a word of the week post regularly for July and August. 
I will still do them but I may miss a week or two and replace it
with a Wordless Wednesday perhaps. 
That could be a challenge because you know I like to talk so I might struggle with the
wordless part.  Lol 

I hope to be taking lots of photos this summer so I should have lots of wordless material if I can learn to shut my mouth. (well, I guess its more like my fingers since I'm typing)


  1. I would be just plain loopy if I could obliterate my job and have a carefree summer! There are ferocious rumors of government layoffs as our state government can’t agree on the budget and they are talking about a shutdown which has everyone whipped into a frenzy. I can certainly appreciate how a layoff could discombobulate a person. I have to stifle a smile when there is talk of a layoff so that I don’t get the stink eye from fellow employees who would think I was a loser for anticipating a layoff notice. I have saved my money carefully and would love a forced vacation while the politicians give each other a migraine and try to repair the budget. I could do whatever I liked during the day! Demolish the pile of books I have reading by the pool, playing hostess to friends for dinner, tackling the relentless “to do” list. There would definitely be hoopla in my house for a few weeks! But, I think I would be considered essential personnel so all my thoughts are probably delusional and I am just groping at a dream for a relaxing summer which is finally here. The weather turned just like a chameleon and finally no more rain and clouds. I fear that I will have to go through the summer like a zombie – 40 hours a week at work. I am going to be very vindictive if my friend gets laid off and gets to sit by the pool – she is already taunting me – now that would be balderdash!

    Kim – the word of the week is always a fun challenge for me but I know these posts get longer and longer so I am fine with a wordless Wednesday! You are probably tired of my goofy word of the week posts!

  2. Kim,
    Love your word and this post! I like the idea of a wordless Wed. They say a great photo needs no words. I think you captured carefree to a T!
    Cathy G

  3. Michelle,
    I look forward to reading what you are going to come up with each week. I probably wouldn't have lasted 6 months on this feature without your clever responses.
    If I start them up again regular in the fall, you can restart the clock!

  4. I am so glad you had such a good time.
    I love all of the pictures.

  5. what a fun time. Last year I had husband put up a swing, sturdy enough to hold a grownup or a grown out. I swing most days. I can't walk by it and not swing. One of my favorite childhood things to do.and it makes me feel carefree

  6. I was blowing bubbles with my grandson yesterday and felt just that way, Kim! There is so much other stress in my life right now that it was marvelous to just kick back and relax. Thanks for reminding me!!

  7. Ahhhh.....How about a wordless Wednesday and we have to decide what word you were trying to express??? I'd love to see Michelle take THAT on!!! You caught carefree very well - and looks like those lessons are paying off. (Is that you in the black dress??? What a cutie!!) Think I have to go find a swing someplace...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I have to tell you that you being carefree was so nice to see and made me feel carefree - we do have to take some time to be that way!

  9. Kim, I only wish that there was a picture of you being carefree in the park, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

    We all need a Carefree Wednesday and by the way, those pictures were stunning.

    I hope that your home life and at work goes smoothly this week. Hugs. JB

  10. We all need a few carefree days or at least a few carefree hours....nothing like a few fun times to brighten up your day! Really great pics!!!!

  11. That's a word we use a lot of in my house, but not in that happy go lucky definition you posted about. Three college kids and I am always spouting off about their carefree approach to anything that has to do with picking up after themselves. Lol!!

  12. Kim ~
    Great pictures and I look forward to many, many more. You take such great shots!!!
    Hugs :)

  13. LOVE this post!
    I also LOVE Carefree!!!