Friday, June 10, 2011


You would think that once you are finished school the word "homework" would be wiped from your vocabulary.  The truth is it just takes on a new meaning.  Once you have a home to take care of you realize that there are all different kinds of "home"work.

This is one of my assignments this weekend.  To do some yard maintenance.  (Have I mentioned how much I hate digging in the dirt?)  

Notice the cut grass laying around.....My Handyman is harder to find than Waldo these days.  He called after supper and I blasted him so he arrived about a half hour later and mowed the lawn.   Clearly it needed to be mowed (a few days ago)

  I WILL plant my sunflower seeds tomorrow.   I decided that of I waited until I dug some new flower beds it was never going to happen - so I saw these planter boxes and had an AHA moment.   I suppose it is kind of like cheating but WHATEVER!   Its not like the seeds are likely to grow anyway :)

And i haven't had a chance to fill you in on the photography class from Tuesday night.  Well, I've been too busy eating!  Lol  My first meal without braces was a huge spinach salad with lots of sunflower seeds, followed by a Wunderbar.  Tomorrow night a big thick bbq steak is on the menu.

Back to the class - there are 4 of us in the early group.  And one of them is our very own hooker Deanne so there were lots of laughs.  We spent the first lessson learning about all the settings for aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc.  She wants us to learn to shoot manual - not with the easy auto settings. 

In between laughing we asked about 1000 questions.  And when we left she gave us homework for next week.  We have to shoot something we love and then we will get critiqued.   I still haven't figured out what I am going to choose but tomorrow morning I'm hitting the road to tackle this homework. 

Tonight I just practiced a little, trying to remember what all those different numbers mean.  There are so many things I love it is hard to pick just one.    Lilacs are out -  I love those

And I love walking around cemetaries and taking photos.  This lone cross caught my eye tonight.
 None of these will be my final assignment.  Who knows what I might find tomorrow??


  1. Oh, Kim, I'm so glad there is another DOES-NOT-DIG-IN-THE-DIRT person out there! LOL! I love flowers but will have to enjoy other people's flowers.
    Can't wait to see the results of your first photography assignment.

  2. Kim, what a cleaver gardner you are. Have a planter will plant sunflower seeds. Good for you. I know that they will grow this time.

    I wish that I could join you with that nice juicy BBQ steak. Maybe I can join you in spirit and BBQ my own in celebration of your braces coming off.

    How cool is that to be in the photography class with Deanne. I know that you will find some great shots tomorrow. You always take great photos. Have a great weekend. JB

  3. Hi Kim, I am glad you are having fun eating all sorts of things without braces. When I was in a high school photo class I took a picture of a muddy pond. It was interesting because you could see the clouds in the water.Have fun finding things to take pictures of. Cheri

  4. Hmmmm....those are just "practice" photos?? Think you done moved to the head of the class and can be graduated!! (And why, exactly, are lilacs and cemeteries out??? I love those things too!!!) Can't wait what you settle on...but it better not be edible! ;o)) Smiles & Hugs! Robin

  5. Nuts and seeds! Boy don't they taste good?! I know you will totally enjoy that steak!
    As much as I enjoy digging in the dirt I wish sometimes there would be an easier way to have the lovely gardens. My achy bones can attest to that! I think the planter is going to be a great addition to your yard!
    A photo class with Deanne! How does one get so lucky!
    Can't wait to see your homework and what your love is caught on camera!
    Cathy G

  6. I thought I had my dirt digging under control. The rain and warm air has made a weed explosion..hard to keep up! If I can stand the mosquitoes, I might get some done tomorrow. I keep thinking...maybe a condo is the way to go? I bet you'll find a ton of things to click a pic and you'll be so surprised at the outcome..I hope to get a better camera one of these days and learn some techniques to improve my blog pics. Good luck with home work!

  7. The difference between school homework and homework around the house is that I actually like fixing up my home :-)

  8. Ah yes! The pride of homeownership always keeps us busy! I love to dig in the dirt and plant veggies and flowers... the thing is I enjoy doing so many things it's hard to focus on one at a time! lol! The photo of the lone cross is stunning... I think you should consider that bit of "homework" already accomplished... :-)

  9. I love the photo of the white cross. It's striking. Glad to hear you are enjoying all the forbidden foods of the braces-wearer! I would go for toffee, for sure! I hope to see those sunflowers grow real soon. As far as homework goes...I hate assigning it...and doing it!

  10. Have fun, I hope it is nice day all day. I love your picture of the single cross.
    I can wait to see your finished work.

  11. Kim ~
    Your picture taking ability BEFORE was awesome ~ I can't imagine how it can be any better. I love your cemetery picture.
    I really should be out digging in the dirt instead of spending the day on the 'puter.
    Pug hugs :)