Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have been doing some contemplation about alot of things lately.  I think it is good to step back once in awhile and think about what you are doing and why.

I'm not sure if its a rut or not but I am feeling a bit disconnected lately.  The past few weeks have been busy and my nice comfortable routine has been disrupted.  But I think it may be more than that. 

Time is flying by.  I can almost not believe that next week will be July.  Where did Spring go?  I can count on one hand the number of days it was suitable to wear shorts, and next week Nanny and Poppy arrive for a month at the beach.  The beach??  It feels like early May outside and it feels the same in my mental calendar.   I'm not ready for it to be July yet it is right around the corner.

I feel disconnected to this blog lately as well.  What is it??  It started out as a rug hooking blog yet it has been weeks since I did a hooking post.   It was also intended as a means to explore caregiving further yet I find it difficult to share alot of that with people.  While I do occasionally post about Mom and Alzheimer's, I can't help feeling like I might be invading her privacy by sharing too much about what we go through here. 

Many times it is just me rambling about some minor thing or another.   Lately I have added some photography to the mix.  After my last post I couldn't help wonder "Who cares if I played golf..."   I didn't mean it to sound exactly like that but really, was that worthy of a post? 

One thing I do know for sure is that I enjoy blogging more than I imagined.  I am not considering stopping or taking a break but I will be taking some time to reflect on how I would like to see this blog evolve.   I have no ideas yet, and maybe it is just a means for me to share a little bit of my world - whether it be exciting or mundane - with a group of lovely people.  Maybe it doesn't need a specific focus?  Who knows.

I look forward to reading your comments each day.  I have connected with a lovely group of people.  You are supportive and bring me more smiles and laughter than you can imagine.

I spent the early morning with the camera while in my thoughtful state, so here are few pretty blooms.  I hope you saw something pretty this weekend too.


  1. Kim, your flowers are gorgeous. You'll get your direction ... just be you & let us continue to enjoy our visits.

    Have a wonderful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Kim,
    Great photos of some knock out blooms!

    Seems like all bloggers go through bloggers block at some stage in their blogging journey. I'm here to make sure you keep blogging no matter what you blog about!

    Your faithful follower,
    Cathy G

  3. Your pics are great! And I do enjoy reading about your life, all aspects whether you may think they are not "blog worthy" they are your life and it's fun to see how people differ in what they choose to do, and include in their blogs. My blog is very boring I think, but I like to chronicle the year and print out the blog at the end. I'm always surprised at how much I do get done in my life...and I don't share all my personal things because that I would leave for a personal journal. I try to remember that my blog is just that.."My blog"..written for my benefit and not for the people who might read it..although I truly love to read the comments and I've met some really super people (like you!) in this journey. Sorry this is so long! I've read many other blogger's who feel like you do, not quite sure where to take this blog thing. I think you're doing great and if you decide to add or change something I'll still be here to read your thoughts! Have a good week Kim.

  4. Oh Kim, I love whatever it is that you write about because if it is important to you it is important to me. I love learning about your life and what is good, hard and otherwise. I like so much that you are you and you are real. We all have ups and downs but in being real you add so much to the blogging community. yes, even golf. It was something fun for you so therefore I enjoyed it with you.
    Just keep being you, It is always good to reevaluate. I for one just love your blog and whatever you have that is going on in your life.
    That is what having friends is all about.
    from me to you.

  5. Kim, How alike we all are no matter where we live. I once was getting frustrated when I went to quilt class everyone was making a quilt a week it seemed like.I felt so slow and frustrated.I didn't want to quilt every moment of the day. I like a lot of things. When I complained to a a lady and she asked me Why are you quilting? I said for fun. I heard my words and realized quit comparing myself to others.Blog about whatever you want to . It's called change. Don't blog what you think you should blog about.I quit a couple of groups I belong to recently it felt great. I needed a change .

  6. Kim, I understand what you are saying, only too well. Isn't it strange how our blogs start out with certain intentions and then evolve into all kinds of other stuff. I really find it hard sometimes to find anything significant in my life to talk about.
    But....I love hearing about your life. Your sense of humor always comes shining through. It's the sharing that counts!

  7. Kim...I love reading your blog no matter what it's about. I feel like I've made new friends with this blogging thing and I look forward to reading what my new friends have to say. I also know how you feel as I see the focus of my blog changing and I'm not sure where it or I am going either! Weaverpat said, 'It's the sharing that counts". I agree!!!

  8. Great...NOW you tell me a blog is supposed to have a "focus..." And here I have been just rambling on... Seriously....I follow blogs for the people BEHIND the blog - not because they post about rug-hooking or care-giving or prim-decor - or whatever! I want the WHOLE picture!! Yeah...I'm a hooker...but if I had to rely on posts of my recent projects, you'd hear from me about once a year. (Sorry! That's the kind of hooker I am!! I love it though!!) I like balance, variety...and personality - and your blog has ALL of that and MUCH of the last one!! You make me smile (and sometimes snort)...and I know you're a real, live, living, wish-I-knew-you-in-person kind of person. And your photos are awesome....Who could ask for more??? Smiles & Big Unfocused Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Kim, I hear you! Don't you just hate that phrase, but I do. I look at my blog as my journal of my life and what I am feeling at that particular moment. Somewhat like Deanne's "dear diary". It's a moment of my life, not only hooking but baring the soul at times and sharing what's on my mind at that moment.

    I would miss your blog posts and I truly feel part of our little community through those posts, dear friend!

  10. Those photos you took are beautiful! :)

    I think everyone goes through these phases where they get bored with their own blog or with other people's blogs. A break is in the daily routine sometimes help to revitalize the desire to blog.

    I don't have a specific focus on my blog. I talk about whatever I feel like at the moment.

    I enjoy your blog and would be sad without seeing you around.

  11. Kim you know I understand. Rural Rambles and I had lost our sense of direction because I wanted to do pictures and google was driving me crazy. I just wasn't feeling at home there anymore and needed a fresh start. Now that you are excited about your photographs it could be making you feel wonky with the blog too. I love your sense of humor, many times you make me cry because CH and I are laughing so hard. I know your sense of funny will always be present. A break helped for me, got me organized and I found a place I could do photo challenges where I wouldn't feel overwhelmed.

    And Kim I still don't think I am focused on any one thing, I am still pretty much all over the place on the new blog but it IS about pictures but I don't feel limited to country things. I think it is about you were questioning, I don't think the blog has to have a specific focus. If I like the person blogging and I enjoy what they write about or snap pictures I am going to read whether they write about bananas one day and playing golf or flying by the seat of their pants the next day.

    Your flower photos are beautiful. I want to stick my nose right in the middle of them!

  12. Kim, dear friend, it looks like you could use a BIG HUG right now. Consider yourself HUGGED in a BIG WAY by your blogging friends.

    Blogging take a life of its own and serves a purpose even though it charges direction once in a while.

    You can always edit your profile but editing your friends who care so much about you can be a little harder to do. We are there feeling your pain and anguish (for we know that you are not having an easy journey at any given moment and we all admire you for your sense of humor through this tragedy that Alzheimer brings.

    Who cares if you went golfing?, I do and I was thrilled that you actually enjoyed yourself.

    You always bring so much joy in my life when I read your blog, no matter the subject. I consider you a dear friend although we only had a chance encounter.

    Take a little break if you must but I'll be waiting to see that little icon of Millie on her mat.

    I hope that you feel better with a good rest.

    HUGS, JB

  13. I've been feeling the same way about my blog lately but decided that this is something I do for myself. There are so few things that I do for myself that is just pure enjoyment, and that is what blogging is to me. I know I bore people to tears most of the time but they are all considerate enough to let me go on and on and still leave lovely, heart warming comments. I think I'll stick around and I hope you will too...take care.

  14. I always enjoy reading your blog. I especially enjoy how you seem to find at least a little humor in everything you face--and it sounds like you face a great deal.
    A blog should be whatever you want it to be for as long as you enjoy it. I hope you continue.

  15. Kim ~
    I look forward to your ramblings!!! I am so happy to hear you that you are not taking a break from blogging. You always make us laugh. No one says things quite like you and I am so happy to have you as my blog buddy. I don't care what you talk about ~ I will always be reading it.
    Pug hugs :)

  16. Forgot to say your photos are lovely!

  17. Dear Kim,
    Your post brings up emotions and thoughts that I have had too. I often feel that I'm not staying on the path of rug hooking...especially now with moving. In fact, I haven't blogged in more than a week because I just can't bear to actually listen to myself go on about packing! Your blog brings me such fun each time you post. You are so quick witted and have a true gift for writing with wry humor! The graceful and humble way you are caring for your mother is inspiring. Your positive energy flows through your blog posts regardless of what struggles you may have in your own life. I know that my life is indeed enriched by following yours. Plus, when we blog about the "mundane" of our lives, we often don't know how we are touching others. When I read about you golfing, it brought back memories of a past experience for me that was fun to remember. I'm glad you will continue. I agree with others that you could just adapt your profile to include some of your new interests as well, like your beautiful photography. It's always good to expand...grow...change...that's what it's all about!
    Big Hugs from a faithful follower,

  18. Kim: I know what you are feeling. I often wonder why anyone reads my blog, and if it's a problem that I jump around so much from one topic to another. I think, in the end, it's a reflection of how our lives are and those who enjoy reading what we share are happy ride the waves of change with us. You have so much going on in your life, between your mom, auntie, and job...I wonder how you have time left over for any hobbies. If you need to, take a blog break, or know that if you don't post so often, it's OK. Follow your heart. XXX