Monday, June 13, 2011

Back on and locked down

I couldn't wait any longer.  I had to break down and call tech support for the internet service. 

I had to build up my courage because my last experience was less than amusing.  They guy on the other end of the phone wouldn't listen to me, talked to me like I was 4 yrs old and tried to sell me new stuff. In his opinion it was my wireless router which was not their equipment and I needed to buy his brand.  Despite the fact that I was having NO trouble with the wireless. In the end I got so fed up I hung up and frigged around with the settings myself until it worked.

So at lunch time I dialed the phone and was shocked at what happened.  I had a lady who was polite and helpful.  She said she would send someone to check the line first and when I suggested I thought it was the modem, so said she would send a new modem with the repair guy.  She said he would be at the house around 3:30pm.  I thanked her, but secretly laughed thinking I'll be lucky if he is here by 6pm because we all know repair guys are rarely on time.

Well...............he arrived at 3:30pm.  Can you believe it!!!  Apparently there was an issue with the outside line as well as the old modem. He was so great and helpful.  While he was replacing the old modem he saw the old wireless router.  He told me that the new modems were not only more powerful, they also were capable of doing double duty as a wireless router and I could get rid of the old one.  

I told him the story (which I have told almost nobody til now) that when I installed my own wireless in the house I initially had it as a secured network.  I had some issues connecting to my work laptop so I took off the security for a few days.  When I went to put the security back on ---- I couldn't remember the password and couldn't re-set it.  DUH!  So my wireless has been wide open for a couple of years.  I hated that because I didn't want the neighbors I don't like stealing my signal.  Lol

He laughed at me, but politely, and hooked it up and re-set the security.  So sorry neighbors - get your own internet.

Everything is working perfectly now.  Thank you Jamie! 

I had to add this cartoon because it made me laugh.  When you are on hold for awhile, do you talk and complain to yourself ??   Don't lie - we all grumble and gripe when we are on hold

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  1. So glad you got it fixed and soooo glad your wireless is now safe and sound. I am so glad you had nice people today. You can't believe what people can do to you if they can steal your internet.
    I would be lost I think if ours was doing that. It makes life so much easier when you don't have to think about your internet service.

  2. Oh my gosh, it's about time someone came to your aide...and I'm glad it was a positive experience this time ! Hurray!!!

    now, when I am on the phone and on hold, I sit at my computer and play solitaire so I can entertain myself while I'm waiting!

  3. Hi Kim, I am not the sharpest tool about the computer but I sure enjoy it . It is wonderful when you talk to someone who is not rude acting. The last time I needed someone to come out to the house he was so nice.Cheri

  4. I am the worst in the world for getting out of sorts when things don't work. Right now I am dealing with one of those full spectrum lights.
    I think the dandylion picture is great.
    Some repair people are sweethearts and some are just real jerks.
    Happy you finally got a good one.

  5. WOW! I am so glad you had a GOOD tech support experience. It kind of renews a person's faith in humanity! LOL!!!
    Enjoy your improved internet!
    Now if we could just get Blogger to behave properly....

  6. were resurrecting really, really, painful (and recent) memories - not all of which have been completely resolved. (Particularly the part about "it's not our sorry....") I just closed my eyes and read on.... :o) Glad it turned out well for you....maybe you're on a roll - did you go check to see if your sunflowers miraculously sprouted?? Have a great week Kiddo! Smiles & Non-techy Hugs ! Robin

  7. Gee, I love when a plan comes together..and a repair person comes on time..and is helpful..and polite..and covers his shoes with paper shoe covers..Ok, my OCD is showing! Glad all is well and back on track. Love the cartoon and yes, I do talk to myself when on hold!

  8. Kim, I'm glad that your internet is working well again and that you got some real nice competent service.

    I kind of had an idea that there was something wrong with the wire connection because that's what happened to us and we also got another modem with the router built into it.

    I hate being put on hold and then they play some awful music, my eyes rolls in my head and yes I do talk to myself. JB

  9. Gosh I wish I could get that kind of service! Send cable guy over here!! Ever since I have been back in Indiana my comp crashes all the time. I think it's a prob with the wireless and I just hate to go through the call and all that ensues!! This didn't happen back in AZ when I was on a modem. I may just give up on wireless and go back to the modem!!