Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, at last

It wasn't a bad week, it just seemed so dang long!  But lots accomplished.  I love waking up and looking out my bedroom window and NOT seeing that old brick chimney.  That makes me happy.  Paying the bill didn't make me so happy but I just couldn't convince those roofers to rip up the bill. 

And now that the roof is finished I can bring out the patio furniture.  I hope there is at least one day of sun before Monday.  My legs are so white they are almost reflective when I wear capri pants.

I did have a little surprise today - I won the weekly 50/50 draw at work.  That should pay for one bundle of shingles. Lol   I took the Golden Girls out to supper to celebrate my win.

Tonight I am just winding down and relaxing with a little rug hooking and a nice (big) glass of red wine.  

I really haven't hooked much since I showed you the last little sneak peek.   But here is the next section that I am working on tonight.  Julia thinks it is a hen (she is wrong)  hahaha
 Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain I might visit the garden centres to look for a few plants to bring home and kill.  The sunflower update is not good.  The first original sprout that is in the picture on my sidebar has wizzled up and died.  There was a 2nd plant that did sprout and so far it is the sole survivor of 16 pots. 

I may just go unside and throw a handful of seeds in the air.  It will probably be just as effective!


  1. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry about your sunflower sprouts kiking the bucket... Don't give up. Jusy burry some seeds in the soil outside and there is still time. Make sure that you plant them in the sun because after all they are sunflowers, lol... So it wasn't a hen. Are you sure you didn't change the patern just to prove me wrong? Whatever it is, it looks very nice. Maybe a snail?

    I almost forgot to congratulate you on your winning. You seem to be on a winning streak lately. Get some loto tickets. You never know. maybe they will pay the entire roofing job. Have a great weekend Kim. Hugs. JB

  2. Can I come over and have you draw patterns for me? Yours looks so nice.
    I love those colors I can't wait to see what it is going to be. I am not going to guess because I change my mind so much when I am hooking and hook something else entirely.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I am with Julia, Throw them in the ground! I don't know why seed starting can be so hard,I am terrible at it I either forget to water or get them too wet,Cheri

  4. Whatever you are hooking here, Kim, sure are pretty colors...maybe a butterfly???

    So sorry for your loss. (seeds I mean). Nothing will survive here this year; we have had about five days of good weather in May and June has begun with rain, rain, rain...ugh!!!

  5. So, you buy plants to kill in your garden??? SOMETHING has got to grow for you!!! Did you have a funeral for the poor seedling sunflower??? My my! The colors in your new rug design - very pretty. Give us a hint of what it is? Even if it isn't a HEN, I think I will like it! Have a good weekend!

  6. Oh dear Kim - you're such a riot. Even my birds and squirrels can plant sunflowers - and make them grow - and even in Nod. Maybe it's the indoor pot thing that's jinxing them....I'm with Julia - a snail??? :o) Have a wonderful & happy weekend!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. I just love the colors in this swirly design. I have no guesses for you...but, I'm rather challenged at present with all the crazy in my life! I can't wait to see what you're coming up with here!

    Poor little seedlings. I can only do nasturtiums from seed. Or, if I do sunflowers, they sprout under the bird feeder! LOL

    I'll bet my legs are whiter than yours!! Congrats on the win!

  8. Kim ~
    Did you get some more plants to kill? You are just too funny.
    I hope the sun is shining in your little corner of the world. I should be out in it doing yard work instead of frittering my time away on this darned machine. I have so much to do!
    Congrats on your new roof (a necessary evil) and your 50/50 winnings.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Kim: Sorry to hear your sunflower didn't make it. Maybe they were crummy seeds? Hope you don't give up. Sunflowers are so cheery. Have a good weekend...

  10. Oh my Kim you are just too funny. I had to laugh about the capri pants.
    I wish I could say that about rain but I know there is such a thing as having too much just not in my part of Texas. It is so dry now the flies have drove me bonkers.
    Glad you won some money. I could use some of your luck.
    Don't give up on your plants I am sure they will turn out really pretty.
    Enjoy your weekend

  11. Kim.... So sorry your sunflower plant did not make it.... But that really sounds like a good idea just tossed them in the air and let them fall were ever.... I have no green thumb either and I will never pretend to be a gardener...
    And the story about your capris is so funny, but I really believe I could top your white legs...

    I glass of wine sounded awful good, maybe that is what I need to get back into hooking, have been in a little of a slump lately...

    Take care

  12. haha bring plants home to kill!!! that sounds like me!

    and yes i have really good experience with throwing up seeds in the air! ;-)

    Good luck