Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight's post deals with Crap

Yes, its all about Crap. Be patient - I will eventually get to rug hooking.

The day started with our CAO calling a noon meeting for the Management Team. The purpose of the meeting you ask........to Crap all over us! It would seem that we all have been a little careless with typo's and grammar in our reports lately. And after Monday nights meeting with Council and our report packages.....we may have looked like buffoons instead of professionals! So CAO felt we needed a little tune-up, including suggesting (forcing) us to all take a grammar and business writing course! Great!!!! Now.....some of the typo's were kind of funny but I was smart enough to keep that sentiment to myself! LOL You gotta pick your moments, right!

You have all heard the expression "Crap rolls downhill"? Well, after returning to my office it was time to review the HR reports that I receive from staff in other departments. (Here's the fun part) They were full of mistakes. Numbers pulled out of the air, nothing balancing etc. Soooooo, I did a little crap rolling too! Now, I'm not near the top of the hill, but I am far up enough that I can roll a little down!

Anyway - enough work. Corinne sent me a message after supper to see if I wanted to go to the local Hooking Group tonight. CRAP I hadn't drawn out a new pattern yet so I had nothing to hook! I declined and said I would go next week and tonight I would draw a new rug pattern. I reached into my bag to grab the 2 new Sharpies I had just bought for the occasion. I looked at one and it looked funny. It was RETRACTABLE. Huh?? I thought markers dried out if the cap wasn't on tight??? No cap......hmmmmm. Well guess what? CRAP!!!! Brand new and could barely trace out the pattern. Dried out.......what a shock with the open hole at the end! Do not buy these. But I did manage to get a pattern to fabric. Can you guess what might have been on my mind when I dreamed up this little rug????

Nothing like an old fashioned outhouse to complete this crappy post! Happy hooking and may all your crap flow up-hill!


  1. Kim, You crack me up! Great post!!! I laughed outloud! Can't wait to see your crapper rug hooked.
    xo, Sheri

  2. Funny Kim. I have to agree with Sheri, I laughed out loud too when I saw your pattern. Would love to see the finished project.lol

  3. I remember us talking about an outhouse, LOL your story was funny and so true.

    Didn't anyone ever mention a spell checker to these people that should have solved some of the problems.

  4. Loved this funny post. Some people in this world just love to throw "crap", it's feels kinda nice when we can sling it right back at them. Can't wait to see how your "crappy" little rug hooks up. Your color choices are quite "crappy", in a good way!