Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feel - Need - Learn

This is how I feel......This is what I need........
And this........

And I need to empty my head of stupid things.......

And I need to learn not to vocalize every
random thought...........


  1. Isn't it the Truth!! Great post and I had a good chuckle.

    Thanks Kim!

  2. Well , we are one step closer to the 'woman cave' I have heat yes! you heard me right, the electrician put the wall plugs in, heaters under the walls and connected into the panel.

    I need to keep some duct tape in the top drawer too to not let the verbal diarrhea out.

  3. Good advice for many of us and cleverly presented!!

  4. Blessings......

    We all have those moments. I haven't had a facial in a really long time, professionally done that is, i usually do my own.

    Very intersting blog, encountered it while searching for a photo of an old lady. I am using the one that lead to this blog and will place a link at the bottom of my post to your blog.

    Have a blessed day.