Saturday, April 10, 2010

The new quilt arrives at Grand Central Station.

Remember last weekend I found out I had won the quilt that the local Animal Shelter was raffling. I bought tickets from Corinne ages ago but had never seen the quilt. It was finally delivered to my office on Friday afternoon.

Isn't it gorgeous --- I'll put it on my bed after I finish Spring Cleaning. (Whenenver that will be!) This has been a crazy weekend so far here at "Grand Central Station". That is what I call our house. We always have a lot of company and seem to have even more since Mom got sick. Its nice that everyone wants to help out and check in but sometimes............Enough already!

I walked in the door Friday afternoon (after a very busy work week) to find 8 people sitting around the kitchen. We have 2 living rooms and a den but in Nova Scotia everyone sits in the kitchen! I was tired and hungry and not overly impressed. Naturally none of them wanted to stay for supper but they didn't want to leave the kitchen so I could make supper! When they all finally wandered out a little later I thought I'll cheat and order Chinese. Its quick and I'm starving.
I picked up the order, brought it home and it smelled so good (did I mention I was starving?) and there is no friggin rice! Arrrgh but by now I don't care, too hungry and fed up, so I'll just eat what I have. Then my phone rings - its the Chinese place. They just found my rice. Wow - I can't believe they bothered to call. I was kind of impressed. I told them it was OK, that I would swing by and pick it up later. Chinese leftovers are good around 10pm.

Now that I'm fed, I am in a better mood. And then I get a message - 3 magical little words.........."I have wine" LOL Its from Corinne. So I respond with 3 words........"On my way". So we sat in her house, drinking wine, looking at paint swatches, and bitching about our week. Definately the highlight of my Friday.


  1. Love your quilt you lucky child! Aren't good friends wonderful to have around! You are blessed to have Corinne so close by! Hope you get some rest this weekend! xxoo Cathy G

  2. I have the whole basement base primer and half painted, and I used that paint color swatch, I'm sore from painting but excited to see results. - wait till you see the fireplace.

    I still need to get a photo of you and the quilt.

  3. Beautiful quilt, are one lucky gal.
    Chinese food sound real good to me, especially since I am one hour's drive away from purchasing it....of course, I can't say that I would like to be close to those places because I would have more blubber on my hips than I have now...enjoy your friend; they are few and far between...