Monday, April 5, 2010

A few simple reminders

OK - Here it is..... If you open something......then close it! Step 1 - Open Step 2 - Close. Simple, right? I mean isn't this one of the reasons we have opposable thumbs?? You can teach monkeys to close things so it can't be too difficult.

And if you get confused, just try to remember how you opened it.....and then do the reverse!!!!!!

And here is another one. When someone opens up a book, darts their eyes across the page and occasionally flips to a new page............They are reading!! It is not an invitation to talk. And funny, when such a person closes the book (in frustration) the chatter ceases and silence once again reigns.
Until of course the book re-opens and then suddenly the mouths open too!

Arrgh, where is that darn chocolate?


  1. I totally understand. Have a piece of chocolate for me.

  2. Kim,
    Please ave the whole box for me .... I work with most of them people!
    Sorry I have stopped by much ... been busy with lambs of cours ... now is the time I start selling the bottle babies. Peopl just love the bottle babies.
    Repeat after me ... soft grass ... birds singing ... sun on your body ... your eyes are getting heavy .....ahhhhhh
    take care girl.