Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fruit Tree

I managed to finish another smallish rug last night. (Sewn, whipped and everything!) With all the buzz about Spring and new growth, it seems appropriate to finish the Fruit Tree.

This is another Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern. There is a table close to the door at Deanne Studio Shop where she always seems to have a handful of smallish patterns. And lately I have been attracted to that table. This is the 3rd one I have grabbed before leaving and I have another one waiting to start.

I have 2 designs in my head I REALLY want to hook but I soooo hate drawing them out. So I make an excuse to pop into Deanne's and grab something from the table until I can get the mojo to draw mine.



  1. Very pretty, Kim....try and get those 2 designs on burlap/whatever as soon as you can...anxious to see what your little brain is hiding from us...
    Best get back to my painting...some glad I wear glasses, although some times I can't see through them for paint spots..... :)

  2. Very Nice, that would make a nice gift for someone.

    Thinking of designs can be a challenge.

  3. Very cute rug! It must be wonderful to stop by Deanne's and just grab a pattern LOL I too am anxious to see your new pattern...........I am thinking and thinking but don't have my next one drawn yet either! Why is it so hard!!! Cathy G

  4. What a cutie pattern! Just settling in after the operation. Maddy, Henry and Lily glad to be home after being in "Critter Camp".

    Maddy's kennel name was "Fatty Maddy" as after the winter, she is a bit beefy. Anyway, no more treats or table food, or it is back to the spa for her!