Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rest and Recharge

Not the weekend I had planned.  Not that I had anything fabulous planned but.....  Friday I had a migraine.  The worst yet.  Seems like they are becoming a regular thing,  well a regular monthly thing.  Seems like I have discovered the 8th dwarf of menopause

Or so my Doctor says.   Ahhh, the joys of middle age!  So I spent a quiet weekend recovering a bit.  I cleaned the downstairs of the house.  The upstairs can wait :).    And I cooked a bit for the week and some for the freezer. 

I don't know what it is about but when I have a headache, after I crave fruit.  Strange but true.  I loaded up on bananas, grapes, apples and a basket of fresh peaches.  So you know I had to made a peach pie

Sooooo good and juicy.   I spent a fair bit of time with Miss Abby.  We went for several walks a day.  I figured we both needed some exercise.  She is getting better on the leash although she still has her moments. And so far today, not one accident! 

She really is a lap dog.  And she's growing fast.  We go to the vet Tuesday for her 12 week needle.  I'm anxious to see how much she weighs now. 

Just a small bit left to hook on my rug.  I was sure I'd have it done by now but the weekends go so fast.  


  1. Weekends always pass too quickly.
    Sorry about the migraine but happy to hear you are doing better.
    Abby sure is a sweetie.
    Hugs :)

  2. I am glad you feel better. Your pie looks wonderful. Abbie is such a sweet dog.
    I do think weekends are way too short too.

  3. So sorry that your weekend started with a headache. I'm so glad that Abby is a snuggler and was there for you!

  4. I am so sorry about the migraine. I started them at menopause also, but thank goodness, since I'm past the worst of menopause, I only have two or three a year. :-) Exercise and eating right helps, A LOT! I hate the prescription meds, so as soon as one starts, I take Excedrine Migraine and down it with a Diet Mountain Dew. The extra, extra caffeine kicks the Excedrine in and will usually take it down to a simple headache.

    How sweet that Miss Abby is a lap dog. It's a little hard from the picture. Which end is which? LOL

  5. The pie looks fabulous...a sure cure for what ails you! My hubby gets migraines and I'm pretty sure it's not menopause...or "manapause"! He found out that ibuprofen sets it off. He hasn't had any since quitting them. Hope you're feeling better and the week goes as fast as the weekend!

  6. Men-o-pause, I love the name but hate going through it. I can see why they call it that. Sorry about the the migraine. Hope you're feeling better.

    The pie looks so good. I used to get hot flashes when I ate sweets. It turned into heat energy almost immediately.

    Abby is growing big for 12 weeks. Soon she'll be too big for your laps.


  7. When I was going thru menopause thankfully didn't have migraines but had all the other symptoms and particularly could not sleep which made it difficult to function at work on some days.

  8. Oh so sorry for the crappy feeling weekend. I remember all that crap I had the big operation when I was 47 so it has been awhile for me. I still can't sleep although I have discovered tart cherry juice and I drink a small(2-3 oz) bit of that before bed and it seems to be helping. It has natural melatonin in it. Your pie looks great and fruit is not a bad thing to crave.

  9. Ugh! The monthly mayhem! I have a laundry list of things that come around on a cycle...not always in the same order, but they all make sure to show themselves. Bleah!

    Love that lapful you have!

  10. Abby is a little cutie! Sure wish I could reach into my computer for a slice of that peach pie! :-)

  11. Menohhhhhhhhhhpause stinks! That pie looks delicious!!!

  12. My daughter suffers from Migraines. Sorry you are having them along with all the other crappy menopause symptoms. I never got migraines but still can't sleep well especially with being hot all night.
    Abby looks so sweet and a perfect lap full!

  13. Oh, no. It's bad enough that you have migraines, but to have them constantly every month is just grueling. Well, there are somethings which you just have to deal with, but I think that those migraines of yours can be tempered. Rest and relaxation is a good start. Take care!

    Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep