Thursday, August 20, 2015


Annnnnnd it's even hotter today than yesterday so the hatefulness continues...... I think tomorrow morning I'll go out on the sidewalk to make my breakfast.  Sigh.......

To it I wheeled the stinky compost bin up to the street for pick up tomorrow. Let me tell you, that thing was ripe.  Gag! 

Abby is spending a lot of time laying in the cool kitchen floor. Poor thing with all that black fur.  Since I was cranky seemed like a good time to call the Internet company and complain about the sucky service lately.  Signal has been off and on - more off than on.  Lights all on the modem, signal indicator on but nothing would load or if it did and I tried to comment or email it would lose it half the time. 

So they suggested I might have a faulty modem so I got a new one tonight and taadahh I'm online and holding a signal.  I'll try and visit some blogs tonight.  Tomorrow it's supposed to rain.  (Yeah!)


  1. I think they do that on purpose. So you buy more hardware. Ours has been just horrible too. I just give up and turn the thing off.
    I hope your heat breaks soon. I don't think I would want breakfast that bad. :)
    Have a lovely Friday, thank goodness it is Friday, what a freaking week!! I am thinking a cave sounds like a good place for the weekend. :)

  2. Oh no...don't do the egg thing. Somehow, that doesn't seem right...LOL

    Our hot spell finally broke. Only 85 degrees today! 20 degrees cooler is almost like winter. LOL

    My dog, George, lays on the tile when it gets too hot. I think he might have the right idea.

  3. It's been miserably hot here, too...but we're used to it. I hope that rain cools things off!

  4. We're getting a bit of rain this morning and it's cooling things down but we really need some more rain. The ground is powder dry.

    We just got our modem replaced not long ago and what a difference it made. They don't seem to work for too long.

    I hope it's cooling down for you.


  5. Glad your computer is up and running! I'm not a fan of super hot weather either but I try and remember a picture from last winter of a garage almost covered in snow, snow blocking the front door, snow covering a will get cool again!

  6. Muggy here and very dry. They keep saying rain but we only get a very brief passing shower and then the sun pops out and dries it up quickly.
    Summer is not a friend to women suffering from hot flashes! I slept last night with two fans going and my hubby had two blankets on! Abby has the right idea - stay low and stay cool!

  7. I have lived in Florida since I was four. For most of my growing up years, all we had were oscillating fans in every room and fights over where they were pointed.It wasn't until I went to college did we get window units--one for the living room and one for the back wing. Thank goodness for central a/c!! The only way to survive the hot and humid weather. These days I limit leaving my house for any reason except groceries and doctors. Wonder when fall will arrive?

  8. Kim I feel your pain!!! Yesterday I was transferred to five different people/departments and 4 of those times was asked the same questions to authenticate my identity: full name, address an zip, phone number and last 4 digits of my SS number. With the 5th transfer I told the person I would give them ONE piece of information of their choice since I'd adequately identified myself 4 times before.

  9. Oh I feel for you Kim, hope it cools down ,Blessings Francine.

  10. It rained and now it is muggier than ever.