Saturday, August 15, 2015

In hiding

It would seem that every vindictive mosquito in Canada has moved into my neighborhood and they are all after me.  As soon as I step outside they just go for me.  It's almost a swarming :)

Abby only got 2 short walks today.  Our little stroll around the block this morning amounted to no fewer than 9 bites on my legs.  And that's with me swatting and flailing.  The second walk was no better. I look like I have measles and I'm scratching like a friggin lunatic.  ARRGHH. I'm not sure I've ever seen them this bad. 

So I decided to hide out today and I'm glad I did.  I tried a new breakfast casserole this morning.  You put it together the night before and bake it in the morning.  Not bad, a good idea of you are having a brunch or something  

Here is the recipe link.

Since I was on a roll i threw a brown sugar/maple pork tenderloin in the slow cooker for supper, hung the laundry on the line and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors.  I also got another basket of peaches so I tried a peach crisp

It would have been good with a little vanilla ice cream melting on top.  But it was still tasty on its own.  Now, I wonder what kind of domestic mayhem I can get into tomorrow?


  1. ummmm, does Abby know there is not a single picture of her in this post?

  2. I recently bought a mosquito bracelet called "Mosquitno" Was $3.99 at my local drugstore in USA. It really works even kept the flies at bay during a out door picnic.

  3. Your food looks so yummy!! If you want to stop by my house and whip up some dessert, I would be ever so grateful! Of course, California is a bit far...but we can work on that later. LOL

    I have a really nice patio, but the mosquitoes have moved into my clay pots and swarm every time I water my flowers. Sigh...I'm staying in the house, too.

  4. Well it sounds like a good day, when there is food around to eat.
    We have had tons of mosquitoes too. I have never been bit this much in a long time. I hope you have a lovely day.

  5. We have them mosquitoes here too but I spray Deep Wood on myself and they mostly leave me alone and I shower when I get it. I'm outdoors so much and wouldn't be able to stay there very long without some type of bug repellent. I usually wear a light color top with long sleeves , long pants and a sun hat on my head and do a lot of sweating...

    I would love some Peach Crisp please. It looks yummy.

  6. Mosquitoes have been terrible this year. I found Deep Woods Off in the camping section at Walmart in the dry spray and it doesn't leave that oily residue. Food looks fabulous - I want peaches now. Now.

  7. oh your food looks wonderful I guess I just haven't seen that many mosquitoes this year. Of course I have set up camp on the porch and don't move much from my spot. Love the cooking we are in the heat not my favorite thing so I am more slow than usual.

  8. We haven't had as many mosquitoes this summer...not sure why.I've made lots of stuff with peaches this year.

  9. Howdy, now where IS that sweet Abby? :) We haven't had lots of mosquitoes this year. Last year was insane with them. You reminded me of my "experience". I was in Florence, Italy in the summer of '83. Oh my goodness!! They were everywhere. Too hot to sleep with covers even just a sheet but we had to. We had a bug zapping thing on all the time. Every so often you could here a little noise of a mosquito getting fried. Yuck. One day I counted 14 bite on one leg. Just one leg! And more everywhere else. I am surprised I lived.
    Your food looks yummy :)

    Have a great rest of today and a wonderful week.
    Take care, Janet W

  10. With all the rain this year we've had our fair share of those nasty critters! Now that we're having a dry spell it's a bit better. I get attached too. Can we help it if we're just too sweet?