Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mother Nature 2 - Abby 0

Abby had a rough morning. Mother Nature showed her who's boss on our morning walk.  We were barely a half a block when she seemed to be biting at her front paw.  Burdocks !  

I hate those things.  It was only a couple and I was able to pull them off her right there but it upset her so that ended our walk.  The humidity had dropped today.  Dare I say it was almost pleasant out.  So we went back out at noon for a proper walk.  I stupidly went the same way and not too far and she was freaking out.  At first I thought she was chasing her tail but then I bent down to look and.......

The poor thing had a whole butt full of burdocks.  And they had really worked their way into that curly fur.  So I had to pick her up and bring her home and try to remove them from a traumatized puppy.   I had to cut them out with scissors,   God I hate those things.   So tomorrow we will take a different walking route and hope for the best.  

Since the weather was tolerable, and chocolate chips where on sale this week, I baked after supper.  Original Toll House cookies.

  Mmmmmm the cookie jar is full for a change.  Back to work tomorrow.  Yay for air conditioning 


  1. I totally agree, yay for air conditioning. Today, It dawned on me I am tired of summer. Poor Abbie, I hate burdock too. Worst things and I can't think of being on a poor puppy.
    Your cookies look grand. I bet my cookie jar wouldn't be full for long. Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. Oh poor Abby, those burs are a pain in the you know where as does Abby. Yummy cookies, makes me happy.Blessings Francine.

  3. I hope Abby got a crumb of a cookie. I know, I know, chocolate isn't good for them, so maybe a chip free crumb?

  4. Abby sure had a tough weekend. I hope her week is better.
    Hugs :)

  5. Oh, poor Abby. We have something here called either "puncture vine" or "goat's head" depending on whether you are a city person or country person. It sticks in dog's pads like there is no tomorrow. We avoid where they grow...

  6. I do not miss burdocks...we don't seem to have them down here. Give her a hug for me!

  7. Poor Abby. She is having to learn it is a big scary world out there. Full of burs and big barking dogs. I'm like her sometimes I just want to run to the top of the stairs and hide. Would probably need a cookie to take with me too.

  8. Kim, burdocks are easily removed by putting Abby in water, or the part with the burdock in water. They magically pull out without any pain or scissors. Learn that one from previous encounter. Still hot here!

  9. Oh poor Abby :( I hope she is doing better now. Give her a hug from Auntie Janet :)

    Im glad the weather is better there. We are getting haze and burn smell from the wild fires that are miles and miles away. Yucky!

    Mmmmmm my favorite cookies. I actually have a tub of the cookie dough in the fridge. I think I will have some for dessert. :)
    Take care, Janet W