Sunday, August 16, 2015

Adventures with Abby

Not only is sweet Abby growing like a weed, her unique personality is bursting through.  She's a funny little thing. She's claimed a favorite spot to relax - by the back door, on top on my shoes.

This makes potty training a challenge as I never know if she's just chilling under the window or waiting to go out.  We're working on it......sigh

And she's a wee bit stubborn.  We've been working on the command "come".  She does when she feels like it.......sigh.   And we're working on walking properly on a leash.  She does fine until she sees a car, a person, a small twig, a stray leaf.  A walk around the small block can take forever.  It's going to be a real treat when all the leaves fall off the trees.....Not.   We're working on it......sigh

She wakes around 6:30am and promptly wakes me by........sticking her tongue in my ear.  Gross!  Try as I might to pretend it's George Clooney, it's not working.  It's just gross!  

And although I can't get her to come on command, she will come every time I'm in the bathroom.  I love her but would really like to pee without an audience once in awhile. 

And then there is the Great Escape - part 2.   Thursday night I had to go out.  She was alone most of the day and evening until 10pm.  From 10-11pm I tried to wear her out but when bedtime came (for me) she was not having it.  She ran up and down the bed, tearing apart sheets etc until I snapped at 1:40am. Down to her pen she went.  She cried and I went to bed.  Sometime later I awoke to a "thump". Loud enough that it required investigation.  The clock said 4am.  I turned on the hall light and there she was at the bottom step, wagging her tail.  OMG, how did she get out of the pen?  It's 2 feet high and it's not big enough to get a running start.  But somehow, some way she jumped it!!   I almost wish I could have seen it but this is what I imagined

When I left for work Friday morning I worried all morning, what side of the one she would be on at noon when I came home.  Thankfully she hasn't attempted the jump since. 

And sometime in the last few days she has discovered her tail.  I've yet to be able to get a video of her chasing her tail but it's hilarious to watch her.  And after an exhausting session of this, she is ready to cuddle again.

Soon she will take residence in her second favorite spot - under the sofa

Hello!  She's really going to be upset when she can't fit under there anymore. And that day is coming soon. 


  1. She is such an awesome little dog. I am so glad that you and Abbie are going to be such great friends.
    So cute her peeking out from under the couch.

  2. Ah the joy of puppy motherhood. My bet is that she somehow got her nose under that fence enclosure and lifted it up with her head and crawled under.
    She smarter than you think. If she did it once, she'll do it again.

    How big is she supposed to be when she's grown up?

  3. Gosh I have missed you and it seems I have been missing out on your new life with Abby. She is adorable and sounds like a handful too. haha
    That is something her jumping out of her pin.
    So glad I came by tonight. I hope to try and do a post soon.

  4. You're just going to have to get a taller couch....she's just so dang cute!

  5. You will never pee by yourself again!
    Our one kitty, Penny always goes to the bathroom with me and gets in the cat box too.
    I think it's called 'bathroom solidarity'.

  6. Abby is soo cute! You are a lucky woman! Poodles are Such good companions.

  7. Puppies...said it before and will say it again...gotta love them! ~grin~

  8. Abby is so cute that I think I could forgive her for about anything, but the sloppy ear kiss!

  9. I must say I am enjoying reading about your puppy! I want a Sophie is now almost four, how time flys by so quickly. I remember the first week after getting her I was in tears just from being overwelmed from the puppy stage. Anyways, keep blogging, I have totally enjoyed reliving it!!! Tammy

  10. She is getting cuter by the minute. We watch a salvage show that has a black lab I am working on husband I am sure he would love to have one as a ride along at some point. We shall see.

  11. I so enjoy your way of expressing the human puppy relationship. I had a very good chuckle and excellent visual on it all.

  12. LOL oh my goodness! Puppy kisses sweet....but not in the ear yucky. George Clooney? sweet but not in the ear

    Abby is sooooo cute. I love hearing about her :)

    I'm so sorry that it is so hot there. I know how awful it can be. And boy does it make me miserable and cranky. I hope it cools down soon for you.
    Have a great rest of your week.
    Janet W