Monday, May 25, 2015

Pitter patter

Yes, I've been absent for most of the week. But I have a very good reason.  Once again, the pitter patter of furry little feet is roaring through my house.  I know I was expecting a little boy puppy in July but in a series of events, a sweet little girl has taken up residence with me instead. 

I'd like you to meet Lola

She's a 12 week old yorkie.  She spent the last few weeks with an older couple who soon realized she was too much for them and didn't fit into a semi-retired lifestyle.  One of my Dad's cousins called me and asked me if I'd be interested in taking her.  

I picked her up Thursday night and let's just say she did not make a good first impression.  We got home at 7pm and by 9:30 I was soaked in sweat and crying.  OMG she was wild.  She was almost demonic. I considered naming her Lucifer.  I pulled about 8 different things out of her mouth, she had my shoes, scarves, anything she could grab, chew and run wild with.  Lol. At bedtime i kennelled her and she slept all night, not a peep. (Thank the Lord).  Friday night when I got home from work I decided if this was going to work I need to show her who is the boss.  Turns out she does well with some firm discipline.  And she's smart as a whip.  The only thing the other people taught her was fetch.  This weekend we have mastered sit, come, down and about 75% of the time she will shake paw. 

We are working on "drop it" and "stay".  I think that's gonna take awhile. And potty training is proving to be a challenge. I tried the training pads but she eats them. Yes she tears them to shreds.    But the biggest challenge is chewing and nipping.  I'd appreciate any advice on the nipping problem.

She's a ball of energy but every once in awhile she does nap.  So sweet and quiet :). But when she's awake she requires 100% attention.  

And if she's ready for a nap she will cuddle.  My favorite part 

I think life with Lola is going to be a wild ride. 


  1. Welcome Miss Lola! Our Lab nipped and tore my clothes until a local trainer told me to use two fingers and gently tap her snout. Worked like a charm without any harm. But the Lab's snout was probably as big as Lola's head.

  2. Oh Kim I am so happy for you. What a cutie!

  3. Kim ~
    She is adorable but I've done the puppy thing and prefer the middle aged
    She really must be smart to have mastered so many commands already. Probably because you are such a good puppy momma :)
    Congrats to you!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. well congrats on lola!!!! It has been awhile since you have had a puppy and that is one of the reasons I am not sure I want to start again. a little tap and a firm no should do it.

  5. She is precious. If you can just hang on for a while until she matures a little, she'll probably make a great pet. The puppy stage is always the cutest and the hardest. Good Luck! BTW, you made me laugh with the Lucifer comment!!

  6. Oh Kim, she is so cute. I hope see settles down and gets used to being in her new home with her new Momma. Firm but gentle :) Have you tried the Potty Patch? She may still be young enough to maybe get used to using that in the house. You can Google it if the haven't heard of it.

    Welcome to your new home, Lola.
    Take care, Janet W

  7. Welcome Lola! Sounds like you have lots of training to do and will need patience. I have never been around a Yorkie but it sounds like you are getting an education in having one. She is a cutie!

  8. Hello Lola Sweetie face. You better start listening to your new Mom 'cuz you don't know how lucky you are. Kim, I'm sure she'll calm down now that she has someone to work with her.

  9. She is adorable! I think she is really cute and I am so glad you have little dog feet in your house. So did you decide against Scout?
    I am glad she is learning so quickly. Or is she training you. :)

  10. Welcome home Lola! I'm sure she'll settle down once she realizes you're the Alpha in this family! It has to be confusing for her to go from one owner to the next and then you have to retrain her from the bad habits the other folks didn't correct...crazy time but I know you can do it! Maybe she needs a brother?

  11. Sounds like Lola is a handful. But, it also sounds as if you have a clue as to how to handle her, so that is good! Have fun!

  12. She is a beautiful little girl for sure. Hmmm..."What ever Lola wants, Lola gets...." Do you find yourself singing that song when you talk to her? Pups do go thru that teething thing, unfortunately. Not sure I'd have the patience to train another puppy.... it would probably end up the puppy would train me instead.

    I think you two will make a happy couple.

  13. Well, hello Lola! She's very cute! Her behavior sounds like Gabe when I brought him home. He would run laps around the couch like a maniac, would steal shoes and anything else he could carry. He would also pull the cushions off the couch so be thankful that Lola is too small to do that! We worked with Gabe and he got through all of his behaviors and is the sweetest boy. Have fun!

  14. Oh. My. L-O-L-A Lola! You got this, she's met her match!!!